Witnessing the Aurora Borealis – aka Northern Lights – firsthand should be on everyone’s bucket list.
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World’s Ultimate (travel) Bucket List

If you’re thinking about what next to do and where to go on your next holiday, our friends at Flight Network consulted more than 800 of the world’s leading travel journalists, agencies, bloggers, and editors to compile The World’s Ultimate Bucket List. Here are the top 10 destinations.



1.  Go island hopping in Greece

All of the islands are an incredibly important aspect of Greek culture and tradition, encompassing 7,500 km of Grecian coastline. Every island is as beautiful as those surrounding it – the turquoise and deep blue waters welcoming swimmers and complimenting the famous white and blue houses up on shore.



2.  Explore otherworldly Iceland

With steaming natural springs that make you sweat and snow-capped cliffs that take your breath away – Iceland is a magnificently diverse place that’s enchanted adventurous travellers for decades. Boasting towering cliffs, black sand beaches and peaks at the Northern Lights, it’s no wonder exploring Iceland tops the bucket list charts with all the qualities of an otherworldly experience.



3.  Go gorilla trekking in Central Africa

In their natural habitat such as Uganda and Rwanda, these majestic creatures will implant the most precious memories in your mind as you get to watch infants affectionately cuddle their parents or see the silverback male command the attention of the tribe of gorillas.



4.  Stay in an overwater bungalow

The Maldives attract travellers who are lusting for the perfect tropical getaway, complete with an overwater bungalow, such as the Gili Lankafushi, dripping in appeal and surrounded by the tropical glories of some of the top islands. French Polynesia and Fiji also boast stunning overwater bungalows.



5.  Lose yourself in the streets of Paris

Travellers craving a cultural experience can simply stroll through the Parisian streets and find all of their desires. The Cafe de Flore on Boulevard Saint-Germain is not just a place for a quick coffee and treat; it is a cultural hotbed in which arousing conversation occurs as you snack on mouth-watering pastries.



6.  Sail the Galapagos Islands

Sailing through the Pacific Ocean waters and venturing around these islands will bring playful seals, majestic tortoises, and colourful birds into your world. World-known for its remoteness and uniqueness, this adventure is one of a lifetime.



7.  Trek to Machu Picchu

The Incan ruins cry out to adventurers who crave a destination immersed in history and panoramic views of untouched nature unlike others in its depth of beauty and power. Walk through the Inca Trail and view artefacts such as the Intihuatana stone, believed to be the Incan astrological calendar.



8.  See the Northern Lights

Alaska’s clear winter nights and number of viewpoints present the perfect location for a Northern Lights experience to stimulate all of your senses. Iceland and Lapland in Finland are other portals to this light show, too.



9.  Embark on an expedition to Antarctica

Antarctica: a land of untouched beauty, frozen plains twinkling with icy frost and glaciers – a destination visited by so few. For its sheer magnitude and remoteness, this continent is a bucket list item for the world’s most adventurous travellers.



10. Take a Wildlife Safari in Africa

Nothing could be more breathtaking and awe-inspiring than surrounding yourself by the free spirit of majestic animals which make up the African landscape. Championed as one of the most rewarding adventures one can experience, a wildlife safari in Africa will transport you far from everyday life into a world of uninhibited nature.

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