Maya Beach in Koh Phi Phi Le Thailand is surrounded by stunning 100-metre high cliffs and vividly colourful coral.
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World’s 50 Best Beaches to put on your bucket list

The travel specialists at Flight Network reached out to their extensive network of seasoned journalists, agents and bloggers to get their expert-opinions of the best beaches on the planet. Starting with Cannon Beach in the United States at #50 and ending with #1’s Grave Bay in the Turks and Caicos Islands, this comprehensive review of the planet’s most stunning stretch of beaches will have you re-writing your bucket list – and maybe changing your travel plans this summer!

Here are three of our favourite hotspots.


Maya Bay, Thailand

  • Sheer Untouched Beauty: 9/10
  • Remoteness: 7/10
  • Sand and Water Quality: 10/10
  • Annual Days of Sunshine: 310
  • Average Annual Temperate: 29°C

Setting for Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie The Beach (see below for trailer), Maya Beach in Koh Phi Phi Le Thailand is surrounded by stunning 100-metre high cliffs and vividly colourful coral. You can take a private boat trip, snorkel in aquamarine waters, or relax on silky white sand as you soak up the tropical setting.



Cayo Coco, Cuba

  • Sheer Untouched Beauty: 10/10
  • Remoteness: 9/10
  • Sand and Water Quality: 9/10
  • Annual Days of Sunshine: 251
  • Average Annual Temperate: 25°C

Cayo Coco in Cuba is adorned with pastel blue waters that caress the white sandy shores and resorts with delicious cuisine and Cuban music. Spend your day’s snorkeling, diving, birdwatching, and sinking your toes into the soft sand hiding under the crystal water. An estimated 85 per cent of Cayo Coco is covered with native vegetation and is home to more than 200 species of birds including a large colony of flamingoes.



Cannon Beach, Oregon

  • Sheer Untouched Beauty: 10/10
  • Remoteness: 8/10
  • Sand and Water Quality: 9/10
  • Annual Days of Sunshine: 144
  • Average Annual Temperate: 17°C

Cannon Beach in Oregon, US, is known for its soaring rock formations, jagged coastline and crisp 15°C temperatures. The stretch of coast between Ecola Creek and Tolovana Park is Cannon Beach’s most popular attraction with famous Haystack Rock rising 235 feet at the edge of the centre of this sandy expanse. Explore colourful tide pools, watch nesting puffins or photograph the sunset at Haystack Rock.

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