The school holidays are here and it’s time to play!
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Cheap ways to keep the kids busy in the school holidays

The school holidays are here and while it’s great to spend time with the kids, keeping them entertained can also be an expensive exercise.

However, with a bit of imagination and some of the ideas below, you can keep them entertained without breaking the bank.



Boredom buster jar

One good idea is to create a Boredom Buster Jar filled with ideas. When bored, your child can select three pieces of paper from the jar and then choose an activity from there.

Some examples for the younger kids include:

  • Building a fort with pillows, blankets and large boxes
  • Earning pocket money by holding a lemonade stall or washing cars
  • Decorating the driveway or sidewalk and/or playing hopscotch
  • Creating a treasure hunt with cryptic clues to find the hidden objects
  • Contacting your local council and library for free or cheap school holiday activities

Check out this website for free school holiday ideas in capital cities around Australia.


School holiday activities in Sydney

Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park always has a great range of free activities for families. Test your skills as a BMX bandit at the Monster BMX and Monster Mountain X tracks. Designed for beginner to pro freestylers and racers, the tracks are suitable for riders 10 years and over.

Young sleuths will enjoy the challenge of solving the Clue Trails around Sydney Olympic Park. Simply download your self-guided Clue Trail and follow the clues to unscramble the answer.

Wannabees Family Play Town

Wannabees Family Play Town is a fun concept where kids can role play what they want to be when they grow up. The child size city features a fire station, a police station, a hospital, post office, restaurant, gym and TV studio where kids can dress up and imagine their possible future careers.

They also have a 6-m rock climbing wall and a laser lit concert stage for the dance and performance stars of tomorrow. Entry for adults cost $4.50, child 1 – 4 years: $14.50, child 5 – 12 years: $17.00.


School holiday activities in Perth

Scitech’s Forensic Field Days

Kids can get their creative juices flowing at Scitech’s Forensic Field Days and discover their inner CSI forensic expert. They can learn how to solve crimes, recall facial details to recreate faces, solve a murder mystery and scare their parents with gross life-like wounds.

Entry costs $52.00 for 2 adults + 2 children or 1 adult + 3 children. Extra kids cost $7.00.

24 cheap things to do in the school holidays

Check out this website for 24 cheap things to do in Perth during the school holidays.


School holiday activities in Brisbane

ImagiNation Festival

Running until October 1, 2017, the ImagiNation Festival will keep your offspring busy with a choice of workshops, adventures and out of the box activities.

Some of the options include mud play, water skiing, chocolate factory tours, bush tucker classes, high tea, circus classes, robotics and heaps more. (Here’s the jam-packed program.)

Moreton Bay regional council

Moreton Bay regional council hosts an impressive selection of free activities during the school holidays. Get the kids moving with hip hop, rugby, tennis, drum beating, golf, gymnastic, indoor rock climbing and more.

For more school holiday ideas, check this and this out.

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