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Two heads are better than one: Making business collaboration easier

Starting a business is no small success – and neither is launching a prosperous one! 24-year-old entrepreneur Jessica Ruhfus used her frustrations with trying to source and negotiate valuable strategic alliances for her public relations clients as inspiration to launch her own online business collaboration platform.

We chatted to Collabosaurus founder Jessica Ruhfus about helping small businesses grow, her passion for public relations and marketing, and the best kind of support you can receive as a startup.

After originally starting her studies in Media and Communications with the vision of entering the film industry, Jessica quickly discovered where her true passion lay – with the public relations and marketing sector.




“For the space that I am in, I believe experience trumps study – purely because a lot of the marketing practices I learned at university were already outdated by the time I completed the course,” says Jessica, who managed to get her business off the ground within six months.

“I have worked in fashion and lifestyle PR, as well as small business marketing, which has given me broad exposure to both big business’ and small business’ experience of strategic alliances.

“After researching the need for a Collabosaurus platform in the market, I spoke to a family member for advice. From there, he became my seed investor, helping Collabosaurus build an MVP and grow to where we are today.”


So what exactly is Collabosaurus?

Essentially, it is a match-making platform for brands to source strategic alliance opportunities, which means both parties can tap into valuable audiences and gain incredibly targeted marketing exposure.

“Ultimately, we help brands of all sizes grow on a budget!” adds Jessica.

Launched in April 2015, Collabosaurus is already operating as an international platform and boasts more than 1500 active user brands – an impressive feat for any business, especially a one man (or should I say one woman) show like Jessica.

While running a business on your own gives you all the control when it comes to decision making, it does come with some challenges.

“Being a one-woman show at the beginning, self-doubt is a dangerous thing that can stand in the way of success,” explains Jessica. “I’m lucky in that I’ve always been an optimist and this has seen me through the hard days.




“Celebrating the small stuff and recognising how much has been achieved already is such an important practice for me – it helps push towards the dreams and goals we have as a company.”

And Collabosaurus is definitely smashing those goals – it has a social media community of more than 14,000 and has alliance conversations happening with big players such as Apple, General Assembly and AMP Capital.

“Advice from experienced people and belief in the concept (and me!) have been the two biggest and most powerful types of support for my business,” says Jessica of her business’ fantastic first year. “I am even luckier to be able to say I continue to receive these things from an amazing group of people around me.”

Although the business is still in its infancy, Collabosaurus seems to have hit the ground running and is constantly looking to expand and build on its practices to adapt to an ever changing market place.




“Right now we are looking at raising a round of capital to support a big international marketing campaign for the US, UK, Canadian and New Zealand markets, a team build and further product development, which is exciting,” says Jessica.

“We now have incredible data that has been gathered over the past year, that now informs key design and development choices in this next round of updates.

“We can’t wait to reveal our next moves in March!”

Are you a small business (or even a large business) looking to collaborate more easily with like-minded companies for mutual gain? Check out Collabosaurus: follow Collabosaurus on Facebook or Instagram @collabosaurus
or sign up for free at


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