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Top apps for real estate investors

The property market can be a confusing place… there are so many sources of information from all over the place – and now there are even a number of apps thrown into the mix!

When used properly, property apps can actually help you cut through the crap and make informed decisions. Here are just some of the apps that are easy to use and suitable for a wide variety of people.

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This app is free and a gold mine of information specific to the Australian property market. Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android smart phones, it currently has over four million downloads – giving its users the power to house hunt on their mobiles.

Search for properties for sale or rent near you, check for directions to various properties and view open for inspection times. You can even save these times directly to your calendar from the app so you never miss out on seeing a property again!



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This Open for Inspection app allows you to score properties and agents, read feedback that others have written and leave your own, and compare the customised score cards of all properties you’ve inspected so you can make the best choice.

You can also use this app to search for properties that have been open for inspection in your local area.

A great tool for anyone currently in the property market that would like to share and receive information from others about agents and properties.



This app will give you the most up to date news from the property market in Australia and abroad. It also gives business and finance news updates, giving you all the necessary background information you need to make an informed decision at the time of your property purchase.

If the Aussie dollar drops or rises, or the property market falls in one area, or there is a promising investment opportunity somewhere near you, this app will only give you the most reliable information from trustworthy business news sources.



Walk into a property you are inspecting, take photos and create the floorplan using the magic plan app – no more measuring each room and trying to draw your own at home! You can then compare several floorplans from different properties, showing you which house gives you all the features you are looking for.

It also offers a feature that allows you to design your own dream floorplan from scratch, even giving you license to move all objects where you want them.

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houzz interior design ideas

While this is not strictly Australian, nor does it give information about the property market, what it will give you is plenty of design inspiration for your new home!

Over two million images are available to browse through, and are organised into categories (such as kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, etc) for easy access. You can save these images and create your own look book.


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