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It’s time to spring back into the garden

Spring is definitely in the air and the garden is coming alive again after its winter hiatus. The blossom trees and magnolias have had their day in the sun and now the fine tracery of their new leaves is starting to show. The nodding heads of daffodils, jonquils, tulips and other harbingers of spring are delighting us with their flurry of blooms.

Warmer weather and longer daylight hours should be encouraging you back into the garden – for the enjoyment of discovering hidden treasures starting to regrow and the physical rewards for you and the garden of a few hours spent “working out” on the end of the tools!



Image courtesy of Amber


Give the lawn some love …

Top of the ‘To Do List’ now should be giving your lawns some TLC:

  • Rake up fallen leaves and twigs that may have collected over winter
  • Mow the lawn and trim all the edges
  • Water if the grass appears dry
  • Allow at least two days between mowing and fertilising
  • Apply a Lawn Builder Slow Release Lawn Food that will feed for up to three months. Make sure you use a blend suitable for your grass type and always use a Scotts Spreader to apply it.
  • If time’s short and the lawn needs to look fabulous in just a few days, try the hose-on Extreme Green. It promises to green up the lawn quickly while still feeding for up to three months – revolutionary in a liquid fertiliser!



Image courtesy of Veda Dante


… and the rest of the garden too

As trees, shrubs, flowers and the vege garden bursts into vibrant new growth, their demand for attention will increase:

  • Feed the entire garden now with Osmocote controlled release fertiliser that lasts for up to six months. There’s a range of types to suit different plants or you can make it easy by using the All Purpose one.
  • Flowering bulbs and annuals as well as the veggie plot will appreciate the added boost every few weeks that a soluble plant food gives – Miracle-Gro MaxFeed Flowers & Blooms or Tomato, Fruit & Vegetable will do the trick. If you prefer, use Pure Organic Premium Seaweed Fertiliser.
  • Pull out weeds as you see them – they compete very successfully for available food and moisture and may take over if you don’t get on top of them early in the season. Give them a dab of Roundup Gel if they’re hard to get at or are entwined among your plants.
  • It’s easy to think that, because it has rained recently, the garden is all okay. There are sheltered spots (under the eaves, on the protected side of the house or under a large overhanging tree) which don’t get enough moisture when it rains. Check them often and water if necessary.
  • Now’s the time to review your irrigation system if you have one – or install one if you don’t – before you come to rely on it over summer. Check lines and sprayers are all clear, and replace any showing signs of damage.



Image courtesy of Scotts


Most of all, spring is a time of renewal – for you and your garden. Make the most of this beautiful season, care for your garden and you will be well rewarded.


Above hero image courtesy of Tim Bradley

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