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Tile trends for spring/summer

Forget squares and rectangles, hexagons, triangles, amazing patterns and natural stone are where it’s at in the world of tiles in the coming season.

Think stone, and visions of sandstone verandahs and pool decks tend to spring to mind.

That’s because inside the house the traditionally used marbles and granites have been the exclusive province of the wealthy who could not only afford the cost to buy them, but the ongoing maintenance. A combination of lower prices and modern sealers have overcome these barriers. Whereas previously stone had to be resealed every 12 months, new sealers can last up to 15 years.




Embrace Mother Nature

Australia’s climate means people live an indoor/outdoor lifestyle for most of the year, with an emphasis on bringing the outdoors in, and that means extending the stone verandah surface into the living areas of the home. Beaumont Tiles’ new natural stone range includes granite, bluestone, travertine, limestone, sandstone and marble for indoor and outdoor use. Managing Director, Bob Beaumont, says there is a growing tendency to use natural stone tiles throughout the home.

“In Australia we’re seeing a big trend creating luxury bathrooms with stone and underfloor heating,” he says. “The beauty of stone is as much about its look as the experience and feel of it and its luxury appeal will always add value to a home.”




Tradition with a twist

Of course those who prefer the traditional look and feel of porcelain tiles are not forgotten. But there is a twist on tradition in the new season collections. There has been a move away from the standard squares and rectangles to hexagons and, wait for it, triangles.

In another move that turns traditional tiling on its head, this season’s look is extending tiles from the floor and up the wall. They’re not confined to the bathroom and kitchen either. Tiles have gone mainstream and can be used to create a canvas of texture and pattern in any room of the house. In fact, they can become artworks in their own right.




Tile Megamart’s spring/summer collection features hexagonal shaped tile that celebrates pattern like no other – chequered prints, strong geometrics and free-flow swirls in a palette of coffee, nougat, tan and sorrel on a warm white background. Fixed to the wall (or even the floor) as a mixture or designs, they can be used to create unique display.

This season’s colours include masses of patterns and shapes in earthy neutrals and warm whites. There is also a move towards realistic looking timber patterns that combine the hardwearing qualities of tiles with the beauty of Mother Nature. Laid in a chevron pattern on the wall or floor, these tiles can even simulate the timeless beauty of parquetry – without the expense or maintenance.




Other international trends include:

  • Brick-style: Brick patterns of proving popular for both internal and external spaces
  • Encaustic tiles: Gorgeous handmade-style tiles which come in an array of patterns
  • Colour: Whether it’s bright pops of colour or more subtle tones such as terracotta. And don’t forget that white is always a popular choice!
  • Feature walls: Try tiling one wall with a unique pattern and then choosing a white or neutral tone for the other tiles in the room to create contrast.


For more information visit: tilemegamart.com.au and beaumont-tiles.com.au.

For more inspiration, visit our Pinterest page: pinterest.com/HomeloansLtd


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