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Spring cleaning tips for your home, garden and pool

A clean home doesn’t just look and feel good – it’s better for you. Not only does it reduce safety hazards but is one...   Read More

Six spring cleaning hacks

Spring is upon us – the air is fresh and we are starting to once again open our homes to the sunshine. It’s an...   Read More

6 natural carpet cleaning tips

It’s amazing how filthy carpets can get no matter how many rules you make about no shoes in the house. I don’t have carpet...   Read More

5 tips to make bindii a prickly problem of the past

Nothing says an Australian childhood like the sting of bindii in bare feet. They’re as ubiquitous to Australian lifestyle as backyard cricket, which is...   Read More

Top tips to spring into spring cleaning

It’s spring, which means the countdown is on to the Christmas entertaining season. Before we know it, hordes of visitors will start to descend...   Read More

6 simple steps to keep your mower in top shape this season

It’s spring, and that means everyone’s favourite weekend activity is just around the corner – mowing the lawn! It doesn’t matter if you fuss...   Read More

Spring clean your paperwork

Once upon a time there was an invisible dining table. It wasn’t really invisible, but it was so long since its family had seen...   Read More

Top tips to clean the fridge and oven

Spring summer autumn or winter, there are two seasonal jobs everyone loves to hate – cleaning the fridge and oven. A messy fridge is...   Read More

The art (and soul) of spring cleaning
or a short history of why we do it

Spring has sprung and that means pretty flowers, baby animals – and spring cleaning. So let’s roll up our sleeves and get into it…...   Read More