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5 practical bathroom tips

Australia is famous for its bright sunshine and clear skies, so who wants a dark, dingy bathroom that looks and feels like an underground...   Read More

Bathroom revolution

It’s where we go for our daily ablutions; where we get primped for work, where we find time-out from the kids, and where we...   Read More

How to reuse greywater around your home

If there’s one thing every Aussie knows, it’s the value of water. On average, we all use around 125 litres of water each day,...   Read More

How to create a water-friendly garden

Being eco-friendly and making a sustainable difference shouldn’t be limited to our appliances and indoor lifestyles only, but should filter through to our outdoor...   Read More

Shape and water saving the big winners in toilet trends

Above image courtesy of Tradelink   The humble “toot” has come a long way since The Ancient Romans built sewers to collect the waste...   Read More

10 tips to create a relaxing outdoor shower

Outdoor showers are as much a part of the Australian beachscape as seagulls and ice cream vans. So why not bring a little bit...   Read More