Chef Jasmine Hemsley wearing Dolce & Gabbana's new Snap Pea dress in The Seedlip Garden at the RHS Flower Show 2018 in London. All photos copyright RHS.
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Small gardens packed with big ideas

The important role that gardening and growing plants can play in addressing some of life’s biggest issues were key themes at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Held for five days in May by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea in Chelsea, London, it has become one of the most famous flower and landscape gardens shows in the world since its debut in 1912.

Designs celebrated how gardens can be beautiful havens to escape and enjoy, as well as how they can help improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Take a peek at what was featured in the gorgeous Great Pavillion



Grow a living wall

Adopt the exemplary style of the Urban Flow Garden – voted the Best Space to Grow Garden – and green your home by turning an exterior wall into a living larder, with fruit, vegetables, salad and herbs all growing vertically.

Here’s how to plant a green roof



Alliums on display at the W.S. Warmenhoven exhibition.

Collect rainwater

Take home tips from Tony Wood’s Urban Flow Garden with features designed to catch and use rainwater run-off. The laser-cut, weathered steel panels, interspersed with permeable paving, allow rainwater to flow through and be stored, while also watering the plants below.

Here’s advice on collecting, storing and re-using rainwater



Models wearing bridal gowns by Alan Hannah at the Primrose Hall Peony Love and Romance exhibition.

Be bold with hard landscaping

Whether it’s in the pebble mosaic or fossil-embedded Portland stone of The Pearlfisher Garden, the dry stone walling of The Silent Pool Gin Garden or the clay, brick pavers in the alfresco area of the Urban Flow Garden the hard landscaping incorporated into the Space to Grow designs all add textural contrast to the planting.

Here’s how to plant a green wall

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