Creating a resort feel in your home is easy and best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Image courtesy
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Resort-style living

The beginning of a new year is a great time to give your interior design a refresh. And after the holidays, what better way to keep the summer vibes alive than to create a resort style right at home.

Although each season has its own accents, with tropical floral and botanical touches popular this summer, the best thing about resort style living is that it’s one of the most classic interior design trends.

“Tropical resort style never seems to go out of fashion and creates a warm, relaxed feeling in your home every day. It suits countless homes in Australia, with the large majority of us choosing to live close to coastal hubs,” says Rhonda Billett-Haire, creative director at Ocean Nomad Australia.

Creating a resort feel in your home is easy and best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

“Beautiful resort styling doesn’t have to be an expensive process, nor does it have to be on a large scale. You can really change the look and feel of a space just by changing some basic items like cushions, artwork and accessories,” say Anita Eddine, stylist at Mobilia Group.

Here at HomeHub, we’ve spoken to the experts to bring you five styling tips to consider when creating your own resort feel at home.



Statement pieces like this Samoan style tribal seashell necklace from Ocean Nomad Australia brings that relaxed summer feel into your home all year round.

1.  Pick a resort style

Although resort styling can be classic and timeless, there are also many variations on the theme. And if you can, it’s a good idea to draw inspiration from your own travel experiences.

“Find inspiration by thinking back to holidays you’ve been on and consider what it was about the places you visited that made you feel like you were truly on holiday,” Anita says.

Look for a theme or style that resonates with you and you know you’ll love. According to Rhonda, this could be Bali style, tropical cabana, bohemian luxury, Hamptons chic or Moroccan beach style, to name just a few.

“Pick a few statement pieces that express the trend well. For example, if you’re going for tropical cabana, think palm fronds in a vase, seashells and glass jars filled with sand and candles. Add one or two strong statement pieces to bring the look together such as a piece of art or a print with tropical palm fronds or botanical flowers.

“And perhaps choose a natural piece of art like a Samoan style tribal seashell necklace on a stand to bring that relaxed summer feel into your home all year round,” Rhonda says.



Hamptons styling is all about crisp whites and blue accents, teamed with a hint of nature to keep it fresh. Image courtesy Ash & Earth.

2.  Choose a coastal colour palate

“One of the best ways to create a resort or holiday feel in your home is to focus on earth tone colours such as cool ocean blues and calming earthy greens. And adding a pop of bright colours can really bolster the resort feel in your home. You can do this by adding brightly coloured cushions, décor items and artwork,” says Anita.

And if you’re after a timeless look that will last, it’s best to choose a classic colour palate.

“Choose classic tones in paint colours such as whites and soft cream and buy pieces that are a classic in design and style. Hampton’s styling is a great look for a long-term investment as it emulates that chic coastal feel that never dates or goes out of style.

“Hamptons styling is all about crisp whites and blue accents teamed with a hint of nature to keep it fresh. Think ginger jars, white seashell pieces and coral. You can even add classic coffee table books that focus on your style,” Rhonda says.



Artwork like this aerial photo of Bondi Beach evokes a laidback summery feeling regardless of the season. Image courtesy Aquabumps.

3.  Refresh your artwork

New tropical or beach inspired artwork is also a quick and affordable way to add a touch of resort to your home. And it’s one of the best ways to bring your chosen colour palette to life, says Sara Kramar, stylist at online art specialist United Interiors.

“Artwork in particular is an affordable way to refresh your home with colour and style. Above all, choose pieces that really speak to you. Rather than smaller framed prints, invest in large canvas prints as these have more impact. Choose artworks that have a colour palette you love with several tones in the piece. You can then reuse the artwork in different rooms when you want a refresh,” Sara says.



Adding indoor plants and a splash of greenery is a beautiful and healthy way of bringing the outdoors in. Image courtesy Zanui.

4.  Add a splash of greenery

Indoor tropical plants always add a resort feel, with large Monstera plants and fan or areca palms on trend. You can then mirror these plants in the array of botanical fabrics currently available on cushions, bedding, wall prints and even lampshades.

“Adding indoor plants is a beautiful and healthy way of bringing the outdoors in. Bring a little Bali home with some large dark leafy palms. Or for a Mediterranean inspired resort home, jasmine or lavender plants look and smell fantastic,” says Sara.



Bring a little bit of that holiday feel into your busy life with tropical wallpaper. Image courtesy

5.  Create a tropical feature wall

And finally, create a tropical feature wall with the latest removable self-adhesive wallpaper to personalise your space. Sydney’s Luxe Walls has a gorgeous range of tropical designs and textures to choose from.

“The current tropical floral and botanical trends have created an array of amazing patterns and images that you can put on your walls. Because we custom print the wallpaper we can modify the artwork to create a bold dramatic visual or a calmer ambiance for a home,” says Julia Hill, director, Luxe Walls.

Ultimately, when it comes to resort style, make sure you buy pieces you love and that make you feel good when you look at them.

“Not only will you create your desired look at home, but you’ll also bring a little bit of that holiday feel into your busy life, creating a sanctuary when you need it most,” Rhonda says.

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