These classic kitchen gadgets slice, dice and julienne fruits and vegetables faster than a skilled chef with a sharp knife.
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Quirky and clever must-have kitchen gadgets

From classic cooking essentials to the latest innovations in kitchen gadgets, these time-saving tools will make your life so much easier!


Let’s start with Dreamfarm, a Brisbane-based company that puts a creative spin on classic kitchen utensils. Its Fledge cutting board has unique flip up edges that prevent food from falling or rolling off the sides when being transported to a pot, bowl or table for serving.


The classic Mandoline is perfect for slicing and julienning fruits and vegetables faster than a skilled chef with a sharp knife. And this presenter shows how to easily set it up, so you can use it to your advantage on a daily basis.


We’re coveting the Silicon Stretchy Lids, which are perfect for when you can’t find the right lid for your plastic food container. And the compact Flexible Colander does the job of draining water without taking up unnecessary cupboard space.


These Australian made peelers enable you to easily julienne vegetables finely shred cabbage and carrots a lot quicker than doing it with a knife.


From quickly cutting kiwi fruit to dicing mushrooms and de-coring pineapple, these 10 must-have kitchen tools reduce prep time and put a professional spin on your cooking.

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