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Paint trends 2016

Images courtesy of Dulux – 2016 Colour Trends Design Age


Get set to take a journey through space and time in 2016 – and the great news is you won’t have to leave home to do it. Dulux recently revealed its 2016 Colour Trends Design Age, which predicts that bespoke creations, a fascination with deep space and an emphasis on dark, moody hues will heavily influence design in the coming year.



Design Age features four themes: Infinite Worlds, Bio Fragility, Retro Remix and Future Past, which offer a collection of sophisticated shades, experimental colour combinations and accents.



Dulux Colour Expert, Andrea Lucena-Orr says the continuous advances in science and technology uncovering opportunities to explore the unknown are creating an increasing attraction to our universe and a growing focus on space research and travel. “Inspired by this lure of unexplored galaxies, the deep colours featured in the Infinite World palette will be especially prominent next year,” she predicts.



Dulux Colour Trends 2016: Infinite Worlds


“Unlike intense chromatic colours that were influential in the past, the 2016 Dulux Colour Trends is differentiated by its emphasis on deep and moody colours,” she says. “The dominant hues predicted to inspire interiors next year include moody ocean blues like Dulux Night Life, dark purples like Dulux Russell as well as deep blue greens such as Dulux Winter Waves.



“While deep ocean colours form the majority of the Infinite World’s palette, the collection of moody hues are juxtaposed with splashes of acid colours such as pops of pink using Dulux Lickedy Lick, emulating glowing stars and planets against a dark night.



Designer input

“Each of the Design Age palette themes are the product of research into global trends. They have been inspired by trade shows, fashion, technology, media and trends agencies, all of which are demonstrating a strong focus on customisation.”

This year’s four designers and creators were invited to create bespoke pieces, inspired by each of the Design Age trends, to feature in photo shoots to promote the 2016 Colour Trends.



Under the creative direction of stylists Bree Leech and Heather Nette King, Bio Fragility is showcased with the Porcelena bowl by Porcelain Bear, Retro Remix features the David ottoman and Bowie side tables by Grazia & Co and Infinite Worlds is presented with a bespoke version of the Pile High Club floor cushion by Elise Cakebread.

Dulux also collaborated with master perfumer, Emma Leah of Fleurage to craft scents for each Design Age palette, inspired by their colours and overarching themes.



“The major influence that inspired the Design Age collaborations was the concept of bespoke creation that is trending globally,” Andrea says. “Customised services and handcrafted products are becoming more prevalent, allowing us to customise products through the selection of design, colour, size and more. Everyone can be their own designer.


Earthy tones continue to trend

But Andrea reassures us that the future isn’t completely moody, with browns continuing to be influential in 2016. “Browns were becoming increasingly popular at the end of 2014 and are currently a very big trend in Europe which will continue in the coming year,” she predicts.



Reflecting this trend, the Future Past palette features decadent muted and caramel browns such as Dulux Brown Fox and Loose Leather as well as heritage and earthy greens and royal blue. “Inspired by a fusion of modern and heritage, these traditional colours are reinvigorated with the addition of mustard and salmon hues,” Andrea says.



“For those brave enough to make a bold statement, the Retro Remix palette inspires colour experimentation,” she adds. “Representing a new retro movement, acid brights such as orange clash with faded, muddied colours such reddish browns, olive greens, mustard and ochre creating a fun and playful theme.



Bio Fragility has a more subtle offering which takes its cues from natural and living elements. Influenced by flesh tones, lichen, moss and stone, this palette combines pastels, greys, dirty pinks, nudes as well as natural greens resulting in a softer collection of colours inspired by nature.”



A simple solution

Andrea advises that the four palettes are a simple and inexpensive way to add colour, personality and ambience into the home by offering homeowners inspirational themes that can be easily adapted to virtually any room.



“The 2016 Dulux Colour Trends offer something for everyone. In addition to greys, deep blues, purples and teal, there is also a range of subtle hues that add a touch of colour but are not overwhelming,” she says.

“From contemporary bedrooms to a classic living room, the 2016 Colour Trends colours are emotive, moody and can create a beautiful backdrop within the home. Deep colours evoke emotions and add to ambience, especially when paired with the right lighting.”


Images courtesy of Dulux – 2016 Colour Trends Design Age

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