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October in the flower garden

Above image (Phlox “Minnie Pink”) courtesy of Plant Growers Australia (PGA)


Phlox ‘Minnie Pink’ is a gorgeous new compact phlox that is smothered in clusters of musk pink fragrant flowers from early spring to autumn. Fast growing to around 40cm high and spreading to 50cm, it’s perfect for containers, rockeries and garden beds. If it wasn’t beautiful enough already, it also attracts butterflies and other pollinators. Minnie Pink prefers well drained soil in a sunny spot, though will tolerate some afternoon shade. It’s also frost hardy.

Feed phlox in early spring with Yates Acticote Pots, Planters & Garden Beds, which gives plants an instant nutrient release then continues feeding for up to 12 months. After the main flush of flowers finish, cut back the plant by half to encourage more flowers.

TIP: New varieties of phlox such as Minnie Pink are resistant to mildew however older varieties can be susceptible to mildew in humid areas. To control mildew, spray phlox with Yates Rose Gun Advanced, which contains a systemic fungicide which moves around the plant to control powdery mildew.


Pretty in pots

Potted flowering roses are available in nurseries now. Plant these soon after purchase, just as you would any potted plant. There’s no need to disturb the roots. Plant into a container filled with Yates Premium Potting Mix or plant into a sunny garden bed that’s been prepared with Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food.



Sweet Spot Calypso | Image courtesy of Tesselaar


From Tesselaar, the introducer of the famous Flower Carpet Roses, is a new and exciting release ‘Sweet Spot’, the Decorator rose. These distinctly different roses are compact in shape and size and are very free flowering from spring to autumn. They are smothered in masses of multi-coloured blooms, each with an ‘eye’ or centre making them a bright and very colourful addition to your garden and terrific for pots on a balcony or deck. Large pots retain moisture better during hot weather, so select pots 40 cm or more in diameter such as Yates Tuscan pots and fill with premium potting mix.

Sweet Spot Calypso (pictured) has bi-colour flowers in pinky red and yellow with a darker spot in the centre of each flower. This rose is a compact grower, just 60 cm high and wide, and has a medium fragrance.

Sweet Spot Yellow features beautiful golden yellow flowers with a dark red/ pink centre and light fragrance. Reaching 80 cm high and wide, it’s ideal as a border or low edging plant.

To promote continual flowering and maximum growth apply a controlled release fertiliser – Yates Acticote Roses ensures a regular supply of nutrients, released evenly and gradually over time and feeds for up to twelve months.

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