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New season cookware

MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules, Good Chef Bad Chef, Come Dine With Me Australia, Iron Chef Australia, Ben’s Menu, The Katering Show – you’d think us Aussies had a thing for cooking. Or at least watching other people cook.

While most of us would rather judge a Pressure Test from the comfort of our couch than perform one in front of the MasterChef judges, this boom in celebrity chefs and wannabe cooks has definitely had a flow-on effect to our kitchens at home. Not only are we experimenting more with recipes but our drawers, cupboards and pantries are likely full to the brim with the latest time-saving gadgets and restaurant quality cookware.


Here are three of the latest cookware products to capture our attention.




Staub is a French specialist cookware company recognised for setting the culinary benchmark in cast iron enamelled cookware. It is famous for its cocottes which, loved by high profile chefs such as Michelin 3-Star rated Paul Bocuse and Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, are renowned for their outstanding even heat distribution, continuous self-basting, and natural non-stick interiors.

Released earlier this year, Staub’s decorative knobs can be bought separately and used on any of its cocottes, from the 18cm size to the 31cm. In solid stainless steel the knobs come in a choice of chicken, pig and cow, and simply screw onto the lid of the cocotte.




Fagor, the Spanish specialist pressure cooker brand, released its new generation pressure cookers that showcase innovation, world-leading safety standards, and sleek good looks. But perhaps best of all, this brand-new take on a traditional form of cooking means we can have luscious bean soup (using the dried variety) in just 10 minutes, a whole chicken in 20 minutes, and a risotto – or quinoa – in just seven.

And while it cooks extremely quickly, and retains all the ingredients’ natural colour, flavour, vitamins and minerals – it is extremely user-friendly and energy efficient (saving 70 per cent of energy on traditional cooking methods).



Synonymous with enduring style and robust construction, Smeg has again pushed culinary product design with the launch of Thermoseal oven technology in a select range of freestanding cookers. These ovens are the only 90cm models to have a 126-litre capacity and not one, but two rear-mounted fans.

The effect of Thermoseal, with its twin fans and rear baffle, is to create a dynamic airflow within the oven cavity – this cutting-edge technology creates a perfectly controlled oven cavity that delivers excellent results every time. The result is perfect baking, every time. Users can literally ‘set and forget’, safe in the knowledge the oven will produce the intended dish, perfectly cooked, every time.


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