Liz Brown and Mason participate in the ‘Martu School Holiday Program’ held in Jigalong WA. Photo courtesy of Indigenous Community Volunteers.
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National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week kicks off today in honour of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

From learning new skills and expanding your network to supporting essential community initiatives, giving your time to help someone or something in need is good for your mind, body, soul and, in many cases, also your career. Here are three ways you or your business can get involved.




Corporate workplace giving and volunteering platform GoodCompany connects employees to charities through a “meaningful and measurable” community-oriented program, enabling businesses to foster a culture that inspires philanthropic passion. GoodCompany’s software allows you to brand and customise your campaign, and provide an opportunity for employees to develop new skills, build on their strengths, and collaborate with colleagues in non-work settings.

Mantra: Employees increasingly expect companies to not only be good corporate citizens, but to support them to make a difference above and beyond their day job. Make workplace giving, fundraising and volunteering a pillar of your company culture with our technology solutions. By empowering employees to give the way they want, to charities that matter to them, you will attract and retain top talent, staff will be more engaged and your business will realise both community and commercial benefits.


Indigenous Community Volunteers

From Gapuwiyak in the Northern Territory to Manjimup in South Western Australia, from Yuendemu in the Central Deserts to Palm Island in Far North Queensland, Indigenous Community Volunteers (ICV) is passionate about making a difference to the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, in the right way, every day. Unlike many welfare-focused charities, ICV supports communities in their own initiatives, with skills and resources not usually available.

Mantra: ICV works directly with, and at the invitation of, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals, families, organisations and communities. We connect them with a national network of skilled volunteers from backgrounds as diverse as child care, IT, manufacturing, law and medicine. Our role in the community is to facilitate partnerships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the broader Australian community, governments and the private sector to work together towards a more equitable society.


The Wilderness Society

From running information stalls and painting banners to participating in field surveys, writing government submissions and assisting with office admin, The Wilderness Society (TWS) ‘vollies’ come from all walks of life and give their time and energy to a huge variety of important projects.

Mantra: Australia’s natural wonders, and the wildlife that call these magnificent places home, define this great country. The glorious beaches that we visit every summer, our resplendent outback vistas, and Tasmania’s awe-inspiring forests—and that’s just to name a few! Yet, these places are under unprecedented threats. Conservation laws designed specifically to protect nature are being unwound, both on the state and national level. The Nature Campaign aims to protect wilderness and nature across Australia by creating protected areas and strong, nationally consistent laws and institutions.


And if you love baby sloths like we do, here’s the perfect place to volunteer!


Sign the petition to support volunteer funding

Volunteering Australia and the State and Territory Peaks for Volunteering have released a petition to the Senate calling for retained funding for Volunteering Support Services.

“Volunteering Support Services are place-based organisations that promote, resource and support volunteering in local communities,” says Volunteering Australia Chief Executive Officer, Adrienne Picone. “They empower people to volunteer and help ensure that their experience is positive and safe. They help the thousands of community organisations that rely on volunteers to recruit, retain and manage those volunteers.

“You can support volunteering by asking the Senate to retain designated funding for Volunteering Support Services. Sign our petition today and defend volunteering in your community.”

Sign the petition here.

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