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Luxury bathroom trends

Remember when ensuites were nothing more than tiled wet rooms, with a shower, a sink and – if you wanted to get a little bit fancy – a bath? Those days are long gone, and today’s ensuites are resort-style sanctuaries more at home in six-star hotels than suburbia.

“Your ensuite is often the one room you can escape to for a little relaxation and reflection after a long day at work,” Reece Bathroom business manager Daniela Santilli says. “It’s also a personal haven for all those daily bathroom rituals like grooming and bathing. In recent years we’ve noticed a big shift in mind-set towards the bathroom as a luxurious, immersive wellness zone.”



Viega’s Push Plates and Mono Slim Inwall Cisterns introduce a world of premium German ingenuity into the modern bathroom. Image courtesy of Viega.


The rise of the luxury ensuite reflects our desire to create a haven of wellness and wellbeing in the comfort of our own home. “With an increased focus placed on ‘wellness’ in general, people are encouraged to take quality time for themselves in order to rejuvenate their minds and bodies so that they represent the best versions of themselves,” Tanya Sharpe, Rogerseller brand manager says.

Apart from the benefits gained by specific activities, convenience also plays a big role in wellness. Wellness activities that are not only good for people, but easily accessible and something that make their lives easier is the perfect combination, such as home gyms.



Offering ‘health through water’, the Twin Logica provides the ultimate spa experience at home. Image courtesy of Rogerseller.


According to Tanya, the ‘home spa’ aims to create a holistic wellness lifestyle in the comfort of your own home, instead of making use of external companies. This has seen the inclusion of expensive hammams and steam rooms in ensuites.

In recent years, spa baths have also begun to make a resurgence in ensuites – particularly in custom-built luxury homes, where the ensuite tends to receive as much interior design attention as the kitchen.



Dual bathing spas transform the bathroom into a wellness space for two. Image courtesy of


Decina’s marketing coordinator Natasha Robinson says spas are increasingly being thought of as an exclusive luxury item. “Our most popular ensuite spa baths are ‘his and hers’, big enough for dual bathing to create a relaxing, day spa ambience. The ensuite acts a retreat and an escape from children and family life pressure,” she explains.

“After a hard day, using one of our spa baths in the ensuite is like going to your own day spa, a real sanctuary and retreat in the comfort of your home.”

Top image courtesy of Viega

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