Latest paint trends
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The latest paint trends

Paint the town red

Is your home décor ready for a change? These latest interior and exterior paint trends present you with a perfect excuse to break out contemporary colours and shades to refresh your whole home.

We spoke to Wendy Rennie, Colour & Concept Manager at Haymes Paint, and Shaynna Blaze, Taubmans Brand Ambassador and Colour Creative Director, about what Australians will be painting on their walls next.

Vibrant colours

If you are looking to brighten your tired décor, this year’s colour trends are guaranteed to lift even the most drab interiors.

“We’re seeing the emergence of bold, energetic colours such as teal, coral and turquoise in interior schemes,” says Shaynna. “The use of these colours in combination with white give a fresh, crisp feel to an interior space.”


Back to nature

If bright colours aren’t your thing, never fear –  natural colours are big business this season. These add warmth without you having to commit to a very bright colour.

Wendy from Haymes says their latest colour forecast for 2015 shows some strong trends coming through are some rich and luscious greens, dusty pinks, warm stone greys, soft browns, denim blues and deep earthy greys.

“Most are inspired by nature and an increased awareness to feel comfortable and secure in our homes,” she says. “These colours are easy to live with and compliment the natural textures of timbers, granite and marble.”


Keep it neutral

If you are not enthused about the thought of bringing dramatic colour into your home, here’s the good news: neutral colours such as white, soft greys, beiges and taupes will never go out of style.

“Neutrals are colours that have longevity in a home,” says Wendy. “Recently we have seen the combining of greys and warmer neutrals.  These natural colours complement the emergence of surfaces and finishes such as natural timbers, marble and polished concrete.”

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to neutrals though; Shaynna from Taubmans reminds us that softer colours can complement an otherwise neutral palette.

“Traditionally ‘neutral colours’ refers to cream whites, stone whites and soft grey whites but recently we’ve seen pastel colours becoming more popular as a twist on the neutral palette,” she explains.



Images courtesy of Haymes Paint


Feature walls

Many of us still have feature walls from a decade (or more!) ago, when they were the latest thing in interior décor. Well lucky you, feature walls are popping up all over the place once more. However, now they are all grown up and being used in a different way to a different affect.

“Rather than using one colour for a feature wall people are experimenting and being more creative,” explains Wendy. “They are using wallpapers, geometric painted patterns and some two-tone colours.”

Feature walls can also have a practical element to them, as they can be used to create the visual illusion of more space.

“You can work with your sidewalls to lessen the dramatic impact of a powerfully coloured wall or use colour on two walls joined together to give width to a room,” says Shaynna.  “Creating a statement wall also allows you to inject some personality into a room.”


Inspiration from the past

As with catwalk fashion, home décor fashion can at times take its cues from times past. According to Wendy over at Haymes, the 70s and 80s are making their way back into your homes.

“Lush greens and palm/fern patterns from the 70s are making a full comeback in the next 12 months,” she says. “The dusty pinks and peaches of the 80s are also making a comeback, although there is a more romantic take on these palettes.  They are now combined with greys and accessorised with coppers seen in many light fixtures and other accessories.”

Be prepared for textures to become a big thing again, with mixed media growing in popularity recently.

“Rather than just using traditional gloss or matte finishes, mixed media is about changing up the surface finishes to get a unique and textured look,” explains Shaynna. “One of my favourite mixed media looks at the moment is gloss on a ceiling and matte on the walls as this creates an unusual and bold look.”



Wallpaper is a trend that has seen a comeback in recent years. With so many unique patterns, colours and textures available now, it’s no wonder Australians have turned their attention back to wallpaper.

“Wallpaper provides an opportunity to make a creative statement, either in a residential or a commercial setting,” says Wendy. “There are so many different styles, colours and textures of wallpaper available that provide people with a chance to put their own stamp on the ‘look and feel’ of their project. Palm tree patterns, Moroccan trellis designs as well as ombre wallpapers are a big hit.”

And thanks to developments in technology, wallpaper is also much more practical than it used to be.

“Wallpaper is now much easier to remove and apply than the older styles that were around,” explains Wendy.

While these trends are here to stay for now, Shaynna reminds us that décor should maintain a sense of individuality.

“By getting bogged down by delivering a ‘perfect’ interior design, we can lose sight of the sense of play and fun that comes with painting colour on our walls,” she says.

So have fun!



Image courtesy of Taubmans Paint


Exterior paints

Now the interiors are taken care of, what about the exterior? Many people like to use a different shade of paint on the outside of their homes to the inside.

“Typically homeowners are looking to create a timeless exterior scheme whereas their interior is more interchangeable,” says Shaynna. “The trick to this is creating a scheme that compliments the style of your home and highlights its unique architectural features.”

Greys and whites have proven to be strong favourites for many years.

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