Craig Reucassel is presenting ABC TV's new series, War on Waste. Image via the Daily Telegraph
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Join the #WarOnWasteAU

Presented by The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel and premiered last night on ABC TV and iview, the three-part series War on Waste takes a look at the alarming amount of rubbish we generate – and what we can do to reduce it.

And by alarming, we’re talking 52 mega tonnes a year – that’s double the rate of Australia’s population.


Reducing our waste

Everything from eating the right portion sizes and recycling old electronics to shopping for pre-loved clothes, can significantly reduce the waste that goes to landfill.

In fact, the average garbage bin contains around 60 per cent organic material waste, with the bulk being food and garden refuse. Not only that, but stats show we throw away up to 20 per cent of the food we buy, which works out to one out of every five bags of groceries. That’s a lot of money going to waste, and a lot of waste going to landfill.

According to the Federal Government’s 2010 National Waste Policy, between 1996 and 2015, our population rose by 28 per cent but waste generation increased by 170 per cent. That’s a horrifying figure, and one that ABC TV’s War on Waste hopes to counteract.

With some simple ideas and small changes to the way we live and work, we can declare a War on Waste and do our bit to preserve the world we live in.

War on Waste next airs on ABC TV and iview on Tuesday 23 and 30 May at 8.30pm.



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