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How to ‘hygge’ your home this winter

Winter may be the harshest of all the seasons but during autumn the chilling bite seems to follow us everywhere. Our instincts prompt us to hide under a pile of blankets or hover over the heater, but that brings only temporary relief (and a drain on your hip pocket). The trick is to keep the home cozy and warm without breaking the bank with the heating bills.

The Danish have a word for it – ‘hygge’ (pronounced ‘hooga’) which translates roughly to ‘cosiness’. So, what you need to do is to get into the art of layering fabrics and improve the luxe factor in your home.



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Home centerpieces

When selecting furniture for your home, fabrics should govern your investment. Natural fibres are a sound option because they stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Think about grounding tones in burnt orange, chocolate and red. To help absorb the cold if you have a leather or vinyl lounge, consider a sheepskin hide and faux fur cushions.

Speaking of sofas, they are usually the best, coziest spots to immerse in indoor activities like reading and watching your favourite show on Netflix. So, consider splurging on main furniture pieces. And if you want something more affordable, go for a modern wing back chair in a compact size. Chairs adorned with silver stud detailing and similar ornamentation also up the luxury factor and give off an aura of sophistication.



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Keeping the cold at bay

Rugs are an absolute must when it comes to warming your home (or office). First off, they anchor the space and infuse it with more visual appeal and texture. Secondly, they have warmth-retaining properties. When reflecting on the choice of material, apply the same logic you would use when purchasing a coat – think plush, tactile, soft and comforting. Wool is one of the most common choices and for good reasons too as it is, hands down, the warmest material there is.

Furthermore, glass windowpanes are a major source of cold. Keep the blinds and curtains open during the day and when the night beckons, you want to close them tight to keep the warmth from escaping. Thermal-insulated curtains and drapes are the best solution as they capture the heat and prevent annoying cold drafts.

Next, turn your attention to the bedroom. There is nothing worse that shivering in bed and losing sleep. Instead of putting together a pile of blankets, pay attention to the sheets. Breathable fabrics like cotton and silk work well in summer, but they are poor sleeping companions during colder seasons. Instead, opt for linen, jersey, or flannel. For an extra layer of heat, you can add a fleece, wool, and faux wool quilt or throw blanket.



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Some like it hot

Embrace a holistic approach and explore other ways of introducing warmth, even if it is just for a few moments. Let the smell of hot tea fill the air – and your body – by enjoying a cuppa in a Wedgwood mug or cup, and swapping your morning muesli with warm porridge. Bake cookies and stay warm near the oven: You can delight everyone with delicious dessert after dinner, so it is a win-win scenario.



Izzy’s not silly – she prefers lying on the Kiwi Sheepskin instead of the cold tile floor. Photo by Veda Dante

Warm welcome

Strive to dress your home the same way you dress yourself during autumn. Add layers of warm fabrics that not only keep you warm but also emit the luxe sensation. Do not miss your chance to ensure the maximum coziness during autumn and feel the multi-dimensional comfort and warmth snuggling you up.


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