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Feature wall ideas

A feature wall, as the name implies, is a wall designed to stand out in a space. Providing an instant focal point each time you walk in the room, feature walls often use colour, texture and composition to command attention and create a discussion point. They also offer the perfect creative outlet for homeowners who want to unleash their inner decorator and do something a little more daring in one area of the house.

Above image courtesy of Byron Signworks

Choosing your feature wall will depend on a variety of reasons. Is there a particular wall you are naturally drawn to, or does one need to be concealed with a major makeover? Would you like to use the wall as a backdrop for your favourite artwork, or do you want the wall to become its own art?

Paint is the easiest and most popular option when creating a feature wall, and it’s often the cheapest. Choose a colour already used in the room – from your favourite painting, cushion cover or kitchen cupboard handle – and bring this to life on a nearby wall. If your home décor is minimalist with lots of white walls and neutral furniture tones, why not step out of your comfort zone by creating a contrasting feature wall?

When considering paints, remember dark colours will make the wall look closer to you (and the room appear smaller) with light colours having the opposite effect. And while primary colours like red and yellow add instant drama to a feature wall, they may be too much when the bright midday light bounces off them.

Wallpaper has come along way from the chintz patterns I remember adorning my grandparent’s walls. Today you’ll find everything from whimsical floral and retro patterns to contemporary designs that are perfect for feature walls. You can even design your own wallpaper or feature wall mural using old family photos or ones from your travels.

Also known as wall art or stickers, wall decals are another effective way to add a talking point to your feature wall. Commonly made from vinyl matte and laminates with one-sided adhesive materials, they instantly set the tone of the room without the time and expense often associated with paints and wallpapers.

One of the best sources of design inspiration is Pinterest, which has thousands of images of feature walls uploaded from people all over the world. From textured walls and floral wallpaper to a floor-to-ceiling Lego feature for the kids’ room, the possibilities are limitless.



Photo by Veda Dante

A quick and cost-effective way to create a feature wall out of old brick tiles – and brighten a dark room – is with a few coats of white paint. Using a small roller, start with a coat of stain blocker followed by two-to-three coats of gloss white enamel paint.



Photo by Veda Dante

This bold feature wall has revitalised a formerly drab section of cedar and pine paneling. Low sheen white enamel paint ensures there’s not too much glare from the light pouring in from the nearby north facing windows.


Encaustic tiles with bespoke backlit feature transform a basic bathroom wall into a stunning focal point.



Photo by David Taylor

Nothing sets the scene better in an Italian Restaurant than a floor-to-ceiling mural of Sophia Loren. The Italian Diner restaurant in Northern NSW is as well known for its authentic pasta as it is for this striking feature wall.



Photo courtesy of Byron Signworks

No longer relegated to children’s bedrooms, wall decals now feature contemporary designs that add a talking point to living and entertaining areas. Commonly made from vinyl matte and laminates, wall decals transform white walls into instant works of art.

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