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Happy Father’s Day to all the Homers out there

In the lead-up to Father’s Day we asked our readers to share what TV or movie character their father or father figure reminded them of. We received some hilarious responses, many to do with a certain doughnut-eating dad who may have clones in Australia.

Yes, Australia – Homer Simpson is our father. At least that’s what many of the entrants in our recent Father’s Day competition say their dads look like.

But there were plenty of other hilarious claims concerning our beloved paternal parents’ resemblance to famous fictional characters!




White hair, big beards and matching bellies point to a large number of Santa’s helpers living among us:

“My hubby and father of three is “Santa Claus” (the movie) in my eyes. Not only does he have the beard, white hair, rosy cheeks and a twinkle in his eye (and that’s the truth ever since he has a cataract operation), even little children who see him in the shops, stop and tell their mums “hey, there’s Santa”! He really relates to children …. we’re just really lucky he’s my hubby and our dad. 


Everybody Loves Raymond’ may have been the name of the late 90s sitcom, but according to our readers everybody loves to think their dad is Frank Barone:

My dad would be Peter Boyle. Raymond’s dad in Everybody loves Raymond. He’s wacky, funny, annoying, demanding, loves to eat and Mum dotes on him. Don’t be fooled though, she ain’t no push over.”


Frank from Everybody Loves Raymond, Always sitting in his chair with an opinion, always eating everyones cooked food and always right around the corner.”




There were plenty of Rays out there too:

“Our father is just like Ray Barone from ‘Everybody Loves Raymond. Loves us very much, always has the best of intentions but can get himself in a pickle easily.”


Wacky in the nicest possible way were these dads:

“All us kids agree that our dad resembles Mr. Bean!!! Not just similar in looks but his hilarious personality matches too!!”

Manuel from ‘Fawlty Towers. He runs around trying to be helpful and doing everything, but somehow is never works out. He is so awkward his nickname is Tangles.”

“Dad would be Frank Spencer from ‘Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em’. His well-intentioned home renovations always end in a hilarious catastrophe!”




But there can be only one winner – and it was Carina Thomas with her hilarious dad straight out of ‘The Castle’:

My dad is so Daryl Kerrigan!!! When I saw ‘The Castle’ it was seriously like seeing my family on the big screen! Dad was always reading the Trading Post, had the same appreciation of mum’s cooking and shared a similar moustache. The similarities didn’t end there though – my mum also did craft and wore crazy jumpers and my brother “dug a hole” which we still joke about 🙂 Dad is always busy renovating his own “castle” so I’d love to treat him to a relaxing experience from Adrenalin!”


Thanks to everyone who provided comments. Sorry we couldn’t include them all!

To all the dads, we hope you had a fabulous Father’s Day! Keep the great advice coming – but maybe rethink the dad jokes!

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