Small business

Avoid end-of-year burnout by following these simple yet effective self management tips.

Avoid burnout by working smarter, not harder

The Australian Bureau of Statistics notes that 35 per cent of men and 42 per cent of women always, or often, feel rushed or...   Read More

Creating catchy and impressive product descriptions that lead to sales requires a lot of attention to detail.

6 essential tips for writing convincing product descriptions

There are so many ways companies use to attract the consumers’ attention to their products or services. They come up with impressive ad campaigns,...   Read More

The Australian consumer law now protects small businesses, as well as individual consumers, from unfair terms in standard contracts.

Avoid cash flow from crippling your business

An inquiry into payment times and practices in Australia by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) has revealed that poor cash...   Read More

"Working smarter means that ladies can come into the industry and do the same as the boys – sometimes better." - Helen Yost.

Busting myths and business advice from an all-girl plumbing crew

Since launching in 2014, Brisbane-based all-girl plumbing crew, The Tradettes, has not only swelled in size but also earned a swag of fans along...   Read More

If you work or live in Western Sydney, get ready to put on your trainers, charge your Fitbit and walk, run or bike for a good cause.

Corporate for community

On Friday October 20, you won’t want to be the only business that misses out on Western Sydney’s fundraising event of the year –...   Read More

“Your employees are like the wheels of your car. If they’re motivated, they’ll drive your business well."

9 small business tips to save money and time

Every business owner starts a business to ultimately earn money. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule where people work purely for passion...   Read More

Many successful business people love to help others who are building their businesses, and get a real kick out of giving back.

5 tips to finding and working with a mentor

Whether it’s for advice, a pep-talk or just knowing you have someone ‘in your corner’, sharing the load makes a huge difference. Starting and...   Read More

Capital raising expert Ursula Hogben discusses five key ways to fund and grow your business.

5 key ways to fund your business

Do you have the funding you need for your business to reach its potential? Most owners don’t. SMEs are a significant contributor to Australia’s...   Read More


How to attract new customers and grow existing ones

One of the biggest issues impacting many businesses is poor lead conversion rates. Business owners put substantial marketing money into front-end lead generation and...   Read More


Using temps to keep your business in business

According to the NSW Business Chamber’s first Workforce Skills Survey released last quarter, more than half of employers in NSW are experiencing skills shortages...   Read More