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Improving office energy and waste efficiency

Future tech, next generation Building Internet of Things! (BIoT), artificial intelligence (AI), emerging digital trends, automated efficiencies, the latest energy saving initiatives in the...   Read More

Nothing captures the Christmas spirit more than racing your colleagues in a tiny car along a make-believe road.

8 cool Christmas party ideas

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Australians deserve ultra-fast internet that meets the standards set by our neighbours in New Zealand, Japan, Korea and Malaysia.

4 things to know about high-speed internet

With complaints about Australia’s National Broadband Network soaring to a whopping 160 per cent in the last financial year – 4,000 complaints on slow...   Read More

Some companies like Swimart offer a choice of operating models, including the choice of setting up a new store, taking over an established store, or operating a mobile business.

Why a franchise can be a great investment (part 2)

As we said in our introduction to franchises as a potential investment opportunity, you don’t have to build a business or a brand from scratch when you...   Read More

You don’t have to build a business or brand from scratch when you invest in a franchise.

Why a franchise can be a great investment (part 1)

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Family business tools and tips

As business coach Stephanie Bown asked HomeHub readers, “Would you ever work in a business with your partner, sibling, parent, or best friend?”. Starting...   Read More

Avoid end-of-year burnout by following these simple yet effective self management tips.

Avoid burnout by working smarter, not harder

The Australian Bureau of Statistics notes that 35 per cent of men and 42 per cent of women always, or often, feel rushed or...   Read More

Creating catchy and impressive product descriptions that lead to sales requires a lot of attention to detail.

6 essential tips for writing convincing product descriptions

There are so many ways companies use to attract the consumers’ attention to their products or services. They come up with impressive ad campaigns,...   Read More

The Australian consumer law now protects small businesses, as well as individual consumers, from unfair terms in standard contracts.

Avoid cash flow from crippling your business

An inquiry into payment times and practices in Australia by the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (ASBFEO) has revealed that poor cash...   Read More

"Working smarter means that ladies can come into the industry and do the same as the boys – sometimes better." - Helen Yost.

Busting myths and business advice from an all-girl plumbing crew

Since launching in 2014, Brisbane-based all-girl plumbing crew, The Tradettes, has not only swelled in size but also earned a swag of fans along...   Read More