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Swim like a fish with a SwimFin

If you’ve always wanted your child to swim like a fish, then the first thing they’ll need is a fin. I’m serious – a...   Read More


Rock that Christmas sock tradition

Socks. They’re the typical dad or grandad Christmas (or birthday, or Father’s Day) present. Men can be so hard to buy for. But if...   Read More


The doll who pirouettes into your heart

When you’re a little girl who loves to dance, it can be hard to find a partner who’s not only willing to pirouette for...   Read More


A rum guaranteed to lift the Christmas spirits

Watch any movie or sitcom from the 50s and 60s and you’ll see the gentleman of the house offering his friends drinks from behind...   Read More


Christmas gift guide


The gift that keeps on giving – every month of the year

Remember the days when the arrival of the postman was exciting because you might get a letter or a parcel? It was a while...   Read More


5 tips for perfect paving

Warm weather is here, which means it’s time to enjoy the sunny days and the lovely evenings. That’s where a paved outdoor entertainment area...   Read More


How to keep your temperature (and your power bill) low

Almost as soon as spring ‘sprang’, temperatures already began to hit the 30s in parts of Australia. But household power bills don’t have to...   Read More


Less is more in the art of washing

Many of us learn the hard way about washing. My godson’s first job out of uni required him to work on a mining site...   Read More


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