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10 home inspection tips

Top 10 open home inspection tips

Owen Thomson takes us through some key tips for checking out properties at an open house. 1. Check for fresh paint While a fresh...   Read More


What to consider when buying a property

When it comes to buying property, we’ve all heard the mantra ‘location location location’. But specifically what should you consider when buying a home...   Read More


Australians earmark tax refunds for debt reduction

By Sarah Watson Happy New [financial] Year! And while this is not quite party season – rather, it is tax time – more than...   Read More


Top tips for paying off your home loan sooner

A mortgage doesn’t have to dominate your life forever. With some smart and simple strategies, you can shave years off your home loan –...   Read More

invest in residential property

Why now could be the time to invest in residential property

It’s often said that Australians have a love affair with property. But it’s not just owning our own home that we aspire to. Many...   Read More


The appeal of property

‘Comfort factor’ important for investors When it comes to investing, it appears that many of us still believe firmly in property as a smart...   Read More


Lo doc loans make a comeback

Self employed? Things to know if you want a home loan If you’re self employed – as more than 20% of Australians are –...   Read More

The power of confidence

The power of confidence

We’ve long read about the importance of confidence – and how it can make or break an economy. In the case of property, confidence...   Read More


Investment properties: not just for the rich and famous

  According to the Australian Taxation Office, one in seven Australians owns an investment property. A common perception is that you need to be...   Read More