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Rate cuts and property prices

The Reserve Bank of Australia has long said it was maintaining a watching brief on the Australian (and, indeed, global) economy and would take...   Read More


Home renovation: Part 3 – All for a balcony and a view

As the outside of the house begins to take shape and a new balcony is built providing brilliant views over the valley, the downstairs...   Read More


10 things to know about property insurance

1.   How much should you insure your property for? The value that will enable your home to be replaced in the event that...   Read More


Rates and property: What’s in store for 2015?

Interest rates, property prices, property investors: What’s in store for 2015? Will they or won’t they, was the main question being asked at the...   Read More


Using photography to sell your property quicker

When selling or renting your property, good photography is one of the best marketing tools available to you. A brief glance at a photo...   Read More


Rate cut not ruled out

December saw the 15th consecutive meeting at which the Reserve Bank of Australia kept the cash rate unchanged at 2.5 per cent. And while...   Read More

Homeloans credit card survey 2014

From body parts to bail, Viagra to vibrators, horses to houses New survey reveals Australia’s quirkiest credit card purchases A false leg for granny,...   Read More


Home renovation: Part 2 – Moving in with builders

The house is ours so we own bricks and potential. In part 2 we move in with builders and the transformation begins.   From...   Read More


How to WIN an auction

You’ve got your eye on a property that is definitely your dream home (or dream investment!). There’s only a few things standing between you...   Read More


Boost your home’s value with landscaping

Does money really grow on trees? Australians are blessed with one of the most relaxed lifestyles in the world. Our temperate climate means long...   Read More