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Aussies spending less on presents this Christmas

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How to get more out of your property investments

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Australia’s housing market: Where are we at?

Posted by Lisa Llewellyn and Phyllis Stylianou.   Winter temperatures might have been at record lows in parts of Australia this year, but for some,...   Read More


Is crowdfunding the way forward for real estate development?

Usually reserved for financing independent artists, natural disaster relief, scientific research, software development, or small films and art projects, crowdfunding is not a typical...   Read More


Home loan regulatory changes – what and why

There’s been plenty of talk about the APRA changes. But what does it all mean? Put simply, Australia’s major banks will now have to...   Read More


Inspirational display homes

Images courtesy of GJ Gardner Homes   Wandering around display homes comes with the territory in my line of work. (Life’s good when you...   Read More


Top apps for real estate investors

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Rent-vestors: The next generation of first home buyers?

Anyone who has been living in Sydney or Melbourne and trying to break into the property market in the last few years knows better...   Read More