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Express your unique style throughout every room of your home and garden, and enhance your abode with some of the latest home design trends.


Pool placement

Finding the best place to site a new swimming pool can be challenging. At best it might blow your budget; at worst it can...   Read More


Built in Wardrobe ideas

Above image courtesy of Interiors by Darren James.   Singer Mariah Carey owns over 1000 pairs of shoes. And of course, these are kept...   Read More


Preparing your outdoor entertainment area

Fix up, dress up! Summer is here at last and if there is one thing us Aussies love most about summer, it’s those long,...   Read More

Every man needs a backyard shed

Every man needs a backyard shed

Every man needs a backyard shed – a place to hang his hat and store his home brew. But of course it’s not just...   Read More

Latest paint trends

The latest paint trends

Paint the town red Is your home décor ready for a change? These latest interior and exterior paint trends present you with a perfect...   Read More

Home Automation

Smarty pants: Automating your home

Automating your home today with the technology of tomorrow Your alarm goes off and jolts you out of a deep sleep. Opening one eye,...   Read More

2014 kitchen trends

2014 kitchen trends

Design for tomorrow Go to any house party or dinner gathering these days and you’ll find all the action isn’t in the living room,...   Read More

Trends in home entertainment

Trends in home entertainment and theatre rooms

What’s new in home theatre and entertainment? Everything… literally! With the cost of home electronics dropping every year, more Australians are taking a multi-spaces,...   Read More

Latest in window coverings

Latest in window coverings

What are windows wearing today? Simplicity and minimalism, with an emphasis on crisp, clean lines appears to be leading the trend in window coverings...   Read More

Trends in home design and renovations

Trends in home design and renovations

The family home, as time wears on, needs a facelift – and renovations arguably have become the new Australian dream! Renovation trends typically stick...   Read More