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Express your unique style throughout every room of your home and garden, and enhance your abode with some of the latest home design trends.


5 winning ways with window seats

Above image courtesy of Angus Mackenzie Architect.   Window seats have been around for a long time, but today’s architects (and homeowners) are taking them...   Read More


Let’s do brunch: 5 tips to make hosting a breeze

The art of brunch is as much a state of mind as it is a state of menu. Originally a meal for hungry hunters...   Read More


How to choose the right carpet for your needs

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How to choose an architect

Building a house or an extension can be daunting – and if you get it wrong you will have to live with the consequences...   Read More


The latest in bathroom design

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The battle of the solar batteries hots up

Homeowners keen to become independent of energy providers were excited by recent news that US group Tesla, an automotive and energy storage company, would...   Read More


Five reasons to plant camellias in the garden this winter

  There’s nothing like a camellia for cheering up the garden in winter. And because they love shade, camellias can bring colour to what...   Read More


Work it

  Office ideas for small homes Living in an apartment or small house can often mean all available space is taken up by living...   Read More


5 simple steps to create a mudroom

[Above image courtesy of HGTV, Photo By: Design by Traci Zeller]   “Mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for…” making a mess...   Read More


Bring back the birds with a native garden

When it comes to flora and fauna, we often only think of an individual species being in danger of extinction, but the reality is...   Read More