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Express your unique style throughout every room of your home and garden, and enhance your abode with some of the latest home design trends.


10 things you need to know about pest inspections

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How to go solar without the set-up costs

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20 cool things to do with crates

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5 top tips for pruning roses

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Side passages: a forgotten paradise

Images courtesy of Arthur Lathouris.   The side passage is probably the most neglected part of the yard: a mere means to get from the front...   Read More


Old meets new

  Aussie kitchen appliances best of both worlds Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules, Jamie’s Kitchen, Hell’s Kitchen, The Cook and the Chef – Aussie fascination...   Read More


6 mistakes to avoid when building

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5 tips to create a raised garden bed

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6 ways to create an entry hall with style

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July in the garden

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