'Screen time' and 'green time' do not have to be mutually exclusive.
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Bring National Tree Day home

For every hour we spend on an outdoor leisure activity, Planet Ark research shows that we spend seven hours in front of a screen, be it the TV, computer or smartphone. It also shows that our backyards are shrinking and the smaller our backyards, the less time we spend outdoors.

However, the 2018 report entitled Connect in Nature, also illustrates how ‘screen time’ and ‘green time’ do not have to be mutually exclusive “and can work together to positively impact not only the preservation of our environment but mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.”


Can nature and technology be friends?

Connect in Nature was commissioned in the lead up to National Tree Day 2018, which is being held on Sunday 29 July, to better understand the benefits of being in nature and explore the role of technology in encouraging time spent outdoors.

It found that one in three Australians believe that spending time in nature makes them feel more relaxed with a positive impact on their mental and spiritual health while 90 per cent of thought that spending time in nature has many benefits for the wellbeing and development of kids.

So, with that in mind, Planet Ark wants us to plant something at home, be it native trees, shrubs or grasses to help support biodiversity or an edible garden. Kids especially love to get their hands dirty and it is a great learning activity for them to see how plants and food grow.

And, with Schools Tree Day taking place on Friday 27 July, here’s something to show the kids.


Homeloans’ top 10 carbon conscious tips

Did you know that every time a new Homeloans loan is settled, we plant a native Mallee Eucalyptus tree? That’s because over its growing life, it will store valuable carbon from the atmosphere.

There are simple ways you can help offset carbon emissions and minimise your personal impact on the environment, including:

  1. Use fluorescent tubes as they last up to eight times longer than ordinary light bulbs and only use a quarter of the electricity
  2. Invest in a pool cover as this will save 90 per cent of the energy your swimming pool uses
  3. Turn off all lights when you aren’t in the room and switch off the TV when you’re not watching it
  4. Always look at the star ratings on whitegoods and go for the most energy efficient
  5. Ensure your refrigerator seals properly
  6. Make sure your fridge is the right size for your household
  7. Use cold water in the laundry whenever possible
  8. Only place full loads in your washing machine
  9. Dry your clothes in the sun
  10. Change your shower head to a AAA-rated low flow model

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