Sarah Watson

Originally from the UK, Sarah has worked in PR and business for many years. She has worked across technology and business clients and has years of experience writing e-newsletters, magazine editorial and online articles.

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Articles by: Sarah Watson

Home renovation: Part 3 – All for a balcony and a view

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Travelling with kids

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Home renovation: Part 2 – Moving in with builders

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Three times the fun

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Home renovation: Part 1 – Buying potential

Depending on which list you read, moving is up there as one of the most stressful times in your life. Add renovating and you...   Read More

Australians earmark tax refunds for debt reduction

By Sarah Watson Happy New [financial] Year! And while this is not quite party season – rather, it is tax time – more than...   Read More

Lo doc loans make a comeback

Self employed? Things to know if you want a home loan If you’re self employed – as more than 20% of Australians are –...   Read More