Lisa Llewellyn

Lisa started her working life as a property and financial journalist, working for media outlets including BRW, Radio 3AW and Australian Investment magazine. She turned her hand to PR and opened a boutique PR consultancy in 2001.

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Articles by: Lisa Llewellyn

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Homeloans credit card survey 2014

From body parts to bail, Viagra to vibrators, horses to houses New survey reveals Australia’s quirkiest credit card purchases A false leg for granny,...   Read More

Australia’s quirkiest credit card purchases

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Australian home values hot stuff during winter

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What to consider when buying a property

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Trends in home design and renovations

The family home, as time wears on, needs a facelift – and renovations arguably have become the new Australian dream! Renovation trends typically stick...   Read More

The appeal of property

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The power of confidence

We’ve long read about the importance of confidence – and how it can make or break an economy. In the case of property, confidence...   Read More

Investment properties: not just for the rich and famous

  According to the Australian Taxation Office, one in seven Australians owns an investment property. A common perception is that you need to be...   Read More