Katie Adema

Katie previously worked as a journalist across print and radio before making the switch to PR. Her work has appeared in Green Lifestyle Magazine and online publication The Kids Are Alright, and more recently she has written myriad articles for newsletters, magazines, websites and online publications.

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Articles by: Katie Adema

Chemical free cleaning

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Outdoor ambience one step away

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Design your own future-proof home

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When two becomes three:
Creating a nursery in your home

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Broken plan living: the new open plan?

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When will your property investments pay off?

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Seven easy ways to start being greener today

Most of us want to reduce the effect our lifestyles have on the environment – but can balk at the thought of having one-minute...   Read More

Is your eco-friendly energy source really that eco-friendly?

With power bills skyrocketing, most Aussie families are looking for alternative sources of energy – namely, renewable energy. Solar, natural gas, hydropower and wind...   Read More

Flat pack homes: the home of the future?

Images courtesy of MUJI   If you love your flat pack furniture, you’re going to love the newest development in housing construction – introducing...   Read More

Is crowdfunding the way forward for real estate development?

Usually reserved for financing independent artists, natural disaster relief, scientific research, software development, or small films and art projects, crowdfunding is not a typical...   Read More