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Aileen’s fairytale success

Who doesn’t love fairies – apart from quite a few very silly fellas? It seems there are quite a few of who want to indulge our inner sprite – and Aileen Dunbar of Fairytale Gardens has turned her love of the wee folk into a successful business.




It was September 2013 when Aileen started her online business selling tiny fairy houses, doors and ornaments for people to create fairy gardens. “I was after something for my daughter that was a creative and also something that was outdoors, as in the world we live in it’s all about the technology,” Aileen says.

“I found this wonderful little world, but not in Australia (the options were very limited when I started) so I decided that I wanted to make this available within Australia, so many children (and the children at heart) could also enjoy this wonderful and exciting mini world.”

It is Aileen’s first business, although she had wanted to start one for a while. “I had thought about others and started to create others but this was my first business that I went through with,” Aileen says. “I pondered on a name for a little while, I wanted to give it a name that describe these little gardens and to me creating one is like a creating my very own Fairytale.




Fairytale Gardens is a gateway to the fairy world, we supply wonderful miniature items for people to get so they can create a magical little place in their gardens for the fairies to use. “


So what does Aileen love most about her business?

“What is not to love?” she laughs. “I have found a passion that I adore and when I get to create wonderful gardens and order amazing new stock for my customers it is wonderful. When my customers tell me how happy they are and send in pictures of their fairy gardens I just couldn’t be happier.”




The secret of success?

Aileen offered the following advice to anyone considering starting a business. “Try to find a niche market,” she says. “Otherwise find something you are passionate about as this will help you to drive the business to its greatest. For the first year or so put all your money back into the business, buy more stock and build it.

“If you have a website, get someone to do your back-end keywords. I have done this myself but doing so has given me great web presence. It doesn’t matter what your name is or what you’re selling, it all comes down to your advertising of your website. Last of all, put in a lot of hours and hard work. It’s all worth it in the end! I love my job!”


Visit Aileen’s Fairytale Gardens now: fairytalegardens.com.au

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