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8 signs of roof damage

Severe storms and high rainfall events can hit our homes at any time, so it’s important that you and your property are prepared for unexpected wild weather.

With most of our home’s roofing system out of sight, it can be difficult to detect small cracks or structural weaknesses, but those seemingly small problems can quickly become a much larger issue when strong gusts and torrential rain occurs.



Checking for roof damage

When you get the opportunity, it is worth getting your roof checked out by a professional roofing company for any signs of damage. The earlier you get this done, the better.

The roofing specialists at Monier have outlined eight signs your roof might be damaged:

  1. Water damage or sagging of your ceiling
  2. Indentations or cracks on your roofing
  3. Loose materials – naturally if you’re missing a tile or two, or even part of a tile, it needs immediate addressing
  4. Localised discolouration – with certain roofing materials, discolouration can be a sign of excess moisture and/ or the formation of algae, which weakens the integrity of the roofing materials
  5. Gutters overflowing when it rains – if not caused by your gutters being clogged with twigs and leaves, could be a sign that something’s not quite right with your roof
  6. Roof framing has become warped and/or damaged
  7. Leaks and dark stains inside your home can be signs of damage caused by water seeping in from the outside
  8. A damp, stale smell in the ceiling space


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