Nothing captures the Christmas spirit more than racing your colleagues in a tiny car along a make-believe road.
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8 cool Christmas party ideas

Work Christmas parties help make the last few exhausting months of the year bearable. Only thing is, when left up to your boss, Christmas parties can be a huge failure so choosing a good idea is vital. Here are the best ideas for your work Christmas parties, with a few ones you might want to avoid!


Great work Christmas party ideas

1.  Driving range

Hitting balls at a driving range is a great way to keep your colleagues engaged, while sipping a beverage as they wait their turn. Remember though, this activity staggers everyone, so you won’t be able to chat easily.

2.  Lawn bowls

Lawn bowls is a communal, laid-back outdoor activity for Christmas parties. You can invite a huge number of people if you hire out an entire bowls club; perfect for bringing partners.

3.  Go Karting

Nothing makes colleagues more competitive than racing each other in a tiny car along a make-believe road. Just make sure no one drinks beforehand to avoid party-ruining accidents.

4.  Escape Room

Escape rooms are a fun way to keep colleagues engaged during your Christmas party, but it is a very divisive activity as teams won’t see each other at all until the end.

5.  Laser Tag

Indoor or outdoor laser tag is a great activity for your Christmas party as it’s exciting, plus appeals to people of all ages. Choose a laser tag option with longer battles, or multiple games to keep everyone occupied.

6.  Winery/Brewery Tour

Winery and brewery tours are a fun way to get out of the city, sit with different people after each stop, and brush up on your beverage knowledge. If your workmates aren’t close, the liquid courage could be a good way to help people bond.

7.  A gallery with drinks and cocktails

If the Dior exhibit is in town, or a fun Andy Warhol showcase, book out the whole place and take your time admiring the art while you sip away on drinks. Finish in a function room with canapés to prevent anyone getting too tipsy. An exciting exhibit is vital to prevent boredom.

8.  Book out an entire cinema

Book out a snazzy theatre for a private movie night. Choose a new, highly anticipated movie to increase numbers. Movie nights are perfect for companies where no one knows each other very well, as it’s a good distraction.



Come on now, you can at least go to a bar for happy hour, rather than party at your workplace!

Work Christmas party ideas you might want to avoid

1.  Booze Cruise

Being stuck in a small space, unable to get away, is many people’s idea of a nightmare rather than a party. Unless you have a small company and know everyone well, it’s likely that at least a few colleagues will get sea sick, be terrified of water, or get anxiety as you pull away from shore. It’s not worth it.

2.  In-office party

Come on now, you can at least go to a bar for happy hour, rather than party at your workplace! Everyone is different outside of work, partly because they are outside their work place, so don’t even consider an in-house party unless absolutely necessary.

3.  Murder mystery tour

While this activity sounds fun, murder mystery puzzles can go on for hours, leaving your colleagues frustrated, bored, and sober. Don’t make your workmates use their brains at the Christmas party; keep it light and fun and choose an activity that’s far less intellectual.

4.  Each person pays for their drinks at a pub

It’s unlikely you’ve even considered this travesty of a Christmas party idea, but if you have, abandon it now, forever. There is nothing worse than being invited to a Christmas party with your workmates, only to find you have to pay for your own drinks. Make sure at least some beers are provided, or face being dethroned as the organiser.

Choose a fun, popular Christmas party idea and you’ll be beloved around the office for years. Choose one a bad idea though, and you could be in for a nasty secret Santa gift!

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