Creating catchy and impressive product descriptions that lead to sales requires a lot of attention to detail.
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6 essential tips for writing convincing product descriptions

There are so many ways companies use to attract the consumers’ attention to their products or services. They come up with impressive ad campaigns, they create all types of interesting content, they do so many other things – and all because they want to sell certain products.

Under these circumstances, it might seem surprising that not many companies actually put enough efforts into creating decent and appealing product descriptions. It’s one thing for them to be informative but quite another if you want them to sell.

Why does this happen? Because most of the time marketers focus on listing benefits and features of certain products. While such things are informative enough, they still aren’t convincing.

There are plenty of other products described almost exactly the same way – so why people should choose yours instead of others’? You need to answer that question in your product description in order to achieve the desired result and boost sales.

So how to write a compelling product description in the right way?



Find ways to solve your clients’ problems and meet their demands with the help of your products.

1.  Forget about features and instead focus on benefits

Mentioning features is important but most likely, these features aren’t impressive enough on their own to sell. Instead of focusing on them, describe the product’s benefits.

One of the best ways to do so is to compare your product to your competitors, highlighting the differences and benefits. Another good way to deliver the benefits is to explain why certain features of your product are important and how exactly they can make lives of your customers better.

2.  Keep your target audience in mind

Knowing your target audience well enough is important for many reasons.

First, this will help you choose the rights words to speak to them as the audience always responds better when you speak their language. Second, this will help you understand their most urgent demands and needs, finding the way to solve your clients’ problems and to meet their demands with the help of your products. Third, this will allow you to find out what are the most important features for them.

After learning all of the above, you’ll be able to direct your product descriptions towards your target audience.

3.  Come up with a story

Stories are important for many types of content, including product descriptions. They make the content more memorable, help to awake certain emotions in the reader, and also aid in making the final decision on whether to purchase your product or not.

When you include a story into a product description, you help your potential buyers to see themselves using this product in their daily lives. This is especially important when your product isn’t one that can be easily compared to the others. For example, if you sell mobile phones, yours might have a specific features that sets is apart from the rest. However, if you’re in the shoe business, you’re often dealing with similar design features to your competitors.

However, everything changes when you use a story to sell. You are able to describe each shoe in detail, telling your potential clients how wonderful it would be to wear them on a trip somewhere, that the materials are eco-friendly, and so on.

Such stories don’t have to be too long. They don’t even have to take up half of your description. Even one or two sentences are enough to trigger the desired emotions in your clients. Of course, these sentences have to be well written for you to achieve this result.



Writing product features in a list helps customers find the information they need quicker.

4.  Do your best to make your consumers feel less guilty

Consumers often feel guilty for buying something, even when they actually need it. So, when they buy something simply because they want to splurge and treat themselves, they feel even more guilty. That’s why the harder you focus on persuading your consumers to not feel guilty for buying your product, the higher are your chances to succeed.

You can do so by telling them it’s a one-time offer, that the product is exclusive, that it has a discount, that it will help them save money in the long run, and so on. Make sure to include such thing (or things) into your product description.

5.  Work on the structure

These days people have information literally thrown in their faces everywhere they go. That’s why these days people don’t read much – instead, they prefer to scan through what you write.

When it comes to content creation, writers usually do their best to catch the readers’ attention with the help of certain hooks, which entice them to read the whole text. However, when it comes to product description writing, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your potential customers usually come to your website already interested in your products, so instead of making them read the whole text, focus on making it as easy to scan as possible.

The structure can help you with that. Don’t forget to use subheadings as they allow the visitors to find the information they need quicker. If you can turn something into a list, do so – this will make your description even better. Also, make sure that the font is easy to read.

6.  Be precise and concise

Product descriptions are usually quite short. In fact, they don’t have to be long at all as in most cases, all the important information can indeed fit into a couple of sentences.

Instead of trying to make your description as impressive as possible, do your best to be precise. Use simple words that are easy to read and understand. Use short sentences. Don’t write things simply to make the description longer and don’t write things you can avoid writing.

An extra tip for you: be sure to come up with a list of the keywords related to your product the most and include them in your description. Don’t use the ones that are too complex and instead settle for simple ones that can make your text look natural.

Creating a catchy and impressive product description requires a lot of attention to detail. However, once you learn how to implement these tips into your writing, you’ll be able to come up with catchy descriptions that are interesting to read and also boost your sales.

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