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5 strokable textures to keep you warm this winter

From the lush, tactile costumes you see in shows like Vikings and Game of Thrones, to this year’s muted colour trends, textures and earthy tints are being used to great affect to add warmth and visual interest to interior spaces.

Ranging from faux fur cushions and shag rugs to chunky knits and velvet-flocked wallpaper, strokable textures not only affect the way a room looks but also the way it ‘feels’. Rougher, coarser fabrics reflect less light, which gives the impression of being warmer. And, unlike shiner, subtle weave fabrics, they also add depth and weight to a space.

To help you transition into winter, here are five rustic accents and accessories that will take the edge off those crisp mornings and chilly evenings.


1.   Shag rugs

Synonymous with 1960s counterculture, shag rugs fell out of a favour for a few years before experiencing a resurgence over the past decade. Possibly originating from the flokati rugs of Ancient Greece, they feature a deep pile (a raised fabric surface made of loops of yarn) that gives it its signature shaggy appearance.

Above hero image courtesy of Irvine Flooring

Soft to walk on and luxurious to sit on, shag carpets are a great addition to bedrooms, lounge rooms and media rooms. The only real downside is that they take more effort to maintain, typically requiring a vacuum once a week, as well as regular deep cleaning.

Zanui has a great selection of affordable deep pile rugs in all sorts of colours and patterns, while Temple & Webster, Designer Rugs and Irvine Flooring offer an impressive range of shapes and sizes.



Image courtesy of Etsy


2.   Chunky cable knits

The big knit stitch trend not only brings warmth into a space but also evokes a casual elegance that beckons you to sit down with a cuppa and read your favourite book. Knitted accessories like bedspreads and throws, cushions and poufs are firmly in the spotlight, replacing subtle weaves like cashmere, wool and cotton throughout the colder months.

Introducing a few luxurious chunky knit cushions to a cold leather lounge instantly makes it more enticing, while a hand-knitted blanket draped over your bed or sofa offers an instant-pick-me-up when temperatures drop.

I’m in love with these gorgeous Corda Footstools while this DIY Knit Kit shows you how to make your own knitted throw.



Image courtesy of Eldorado Furniture


3.   Faux fur furnishings

Faux fur is a perennial favourite thanks to a wide range of furnishings and accessories that add instant texture to a room. From deliciously tactile cushions and bed throws to this plush loveseat, sumptuous, strokable fabrics can be used in a number of ways to soften living spaces this winter.

You’ll find a range of great faux fur furnishings at Art of Living Australia, Temple & Webster, Big W, K-Mart and Freedom. Spotlight stocks felt and faux fur fabric if you’re thinking of reupholstering furniture, as does Etsy.

Also, if you’re partial to pampering your pooches like me, then check out these removable faux fur pet beds, which are waterproof, easy to clean, and look luxurious to lie in!



Image courtesy of Melissa Carey


4.   Macramé room features

Available as wall features, hanging planters, bedroom headboards and pendant lights, macramé has come along way since the knotted 1970’s designs many of us grew up with. Made by knotting instead of weaving, today’s macramé creations have been given a modern makeover with creative designs, chic colours and soft materials creating striking works of art.

Macramé wall hangings add warmth and texture to white walls, while a pop of colour introduced by a knotted plant hanger adds visual interest and a nostalgic accent, particularly to clean, contemporary spaces.

Registered architect, interior designer, and textile artist, Natalie Miller not only makes exquisite wall tapestries but also runs weaving workshops from her hometown in the NSW Southern Highlands. Established artist Melissa Carey also runs regular macramé wall hanging workshops in Sydney, allowing you to handcraft one for a particular space in your home.



Image courtesy of Wow Wallpaper Hanging


5.   Textured wallpaper

While once relegated to formal dining rooms and antiquated interior décors, today’s collection of embellished and embossed wallpapers add a luxurious component to contemporary living spaces.

From this “paste the wall technology” from Bunnings, to Natty and Polly’s damask designs and Eurowalls’ flocked collection, textured wallpaper is one way to warm your home and put your signature stamp on it.

If permanently wallpapering a room isn’t an option, consider this removable Baroque design from The Wall Sticker Company. Use a couple of self-adhesive panels as a bedroom headboard, or cover an entire wall to create a statement piece.

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