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5 reasons to buy a spa this winter

The swimming pool may be covered over for the winter, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of aquatic fun to be had. In fact, jumping into a spa on a cold winter’s day could be just what the doctor ordered – especially if you’ve got any aches and pains.

Humans have been enjoying natural and man-made spas for centuries. They offer year-round fun, are space and cost efficient and can even be good for your health. With all that, why wouldn’t you splash out of a spa?

The word spa comes from the Belgian town of Spa, which was the home of a spring whose water people drank in hopes of a cure for their illness. In 1326 a man called Collin le Loup claimed the water from the “Espa” (a local word for fountain) had cured him.

“Backyard spas are becoming increasingly popular for the lifestyle, fitness, therapeutic and pure relaxation benefits they offer. Whether it’s a portable, in-ground or swim spa, spas have evolved to become a great alternative or addition to the traditional family pool,” says Chris Fitzmaurice from Swimart.




“Spas offer many of the same benefits of a swimming pool, but are more affordable and compact. And you can get all sorts of spas. For example, they can include special features such as television, ambient mood lighting, stereos – not to mention aromatherapy systems for the ultimate relaxation indulgence.

“Some are even Bluetooth enabled with Wi-Fi, which allows you to connect your phone to your music database or even pre-set the heater to warm the water to the perfect temperature ready for when you get home. Really, it’s like having a holiday in your own backyard.”


1.   Have fun in the water all year

Most pool owners have packed up the toys, pulled on the winter cover and retreated to the living room by now. But for spa owners the watery fun continues. That’s not only because the water can be heated, but spas are very often built on verandahs or decks that can be enclosed to keep the winter chill at bay.




2.   It’s easy to find space for a spa

Unfortunately, yard sizes are shrinking, which can leave precious little space for a swimming pool. That’s where spas come into their own because they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. That makes it easier to find space for them in a small yard or to place them on a deck or verandah.




3.   Spas are a great way to be sociable

Forget catching up around the dinner table, sitting in the spa, we’re forced to speak to the people we’re looking at. There isn’t even the distraction of food (and electronic devices are a definite no-no) so we’re forced to talk. Or even just sit in companionable silence. There’s something wonderfully sociable about spas. People tend to spread out in a pool, but the nature of a spa mean that people sit in a group and chat. In these days when we’re all busy at work school and various activities, some family time in the spa can be the perfect opportunity to catch up.




4.   Spas are affordable

Most swimming pools don’t just consume a lot of space – they can be big in terms of cost too. A spa costs a fraction of the price of a swimming pool, yet it can be used for twice the amount of time.


5.   A great way to keep aches and pains at bay

The practice of traveling to cold or hot bubbling springs dates back to the Bronze age, while the ancient Greeks and Romans made it famous. The Roman baths built in Bath, England enjoyed a renaissance among the wealthy classes of the 18th century when Queen Anne travelled there to enjoy the water.


These days, hydrotherapy is used to treat people for illness and injury. It’s also of immense psychological and physical benefit to anyone. The warm water and bubbles of a spa can create a soothing massage effect that stimulates circulation, offers temporary relief from arthritis and sore muscles and relax the body to encourage better sleep.

Swimart stocks an exclusive range of portable spas from Resort Spas which are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit your landscape, home and personal taste.


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Regular spa maintenance

To ensure ongoing water quality, it’s important to adhere to a regular maintenance program of testing the pH and alkalinity, balancing and sanitising the water, cleaning the filter cartridge, checking phosphate and algae levels and cleaning and degreasing the spa’s pipes.

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