These simple tips will not only make your food taste better but your kitchen cleaner.
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5 kitchen hacks you need to know

Most of us are always looking to save time and money, and these simple cooking hacks show just how easy it can be when you get creative in the kitchen. They’ll not only make food taste better but also keep your home cleaner. And trust us, you’ll never look at everyday objects like bottle tops and chip packets the same again!


How to dice an onion like a pro

Dicing an onion – it sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Then why do so many of us get it wrong?! Between the stinging eyes and the chunky slices, it doesn’t take much to make a mess of things. The Hook and the Cook’s Paul Breheny, who currently co-owns the multi-award-winning restaurant Fratelli Del Mare at Cronulla Beach in Sydney, shows us how to dice an onion like a pro – and you might be surprised by his method.


Sharpen a knife like a sous chef

As the one-and-only Gordon Ramsey explains in this video, it’s a lot harder to cook in the kitchen with a blunt knife than it is with a sharp one. So, put an edge back on your blade with his simple tips.


10 easy eggs hacks

If you’re tired of poaching, boiling or frying your eggs, then this video is for you! From Eggs Devaux (airy eggs) to a delicious baked egg and bacon combo, you’ll see how a few simple tricks can transform the humble egg into the hero of your breakfast (or brunch).


22 clever kitchen tips

Whether it’s making kids chop sticks using a soft drink lid or using water to check if your eggs are fresh, these simple hacks will not only make your food taste better but your kitchen cleaner.


Easy peasy bento box

Yvette “Mrs Bento” Bowyer is the face of Little Bento World, a Perth-based family owned business inspired by the Japanese art of packing a meal in a divided bento lunch box. In this short video, Yvette shows us how to make “easy peasy” sushi for the kids’ school lunches using her rice molds. You can also check out other recipe ideas here.

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