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5 festive decorations

It’s Christmaaaaaaas! You might think it’s all about December the 25th however, for many people around the world, Christmas lasts for a lot longer.

With apologies to the Scrooges out there, I’m getting into the festive spirit – and I don’t just mean the brandy, either. No, I’m going full Griswald with our house this year – think lights, decorations and even wall stickers in every room. Over the top? Yes. Festive fun? Absolutely. Join me!



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Colour is synonymous with celebrating summer, and right now it’s all about lively hues, budding blooms, lush vegetation and a pastel palette. According to the professionals at Pantone, the colour trends for this season include:

  • Rose Quartz – Pantone 13-1520
  • Peach Echo – Pantone 16-1548
  • Serenity – Pantone 15-3919
  • Snorkel Blue – Pantone 19-4049
  • Buttercup – Pantone 12-0752
  • Limpet Shell – Pantone 13-4810
  • Lilac Gray – Pantone 16-3905
  • Fiesta – Pantone 17-1564
  • Iced Coffee – Pantone 15-1040
  • Green Flash – Pantone 15-0146

Integrating these colours into your home through homewares, decorative accents or furnishings will ensure you have a taste of summer year-round.




Instantly transform a room in your home into a winter wonderland with Among the Christmas Rowan, a striking vinyl wall mural from Pixers. You can use this reusable, durable, matte material on any flat surface for an easy and affordable make-over.




British designer Sophie Allport‘s timeless homeware range is emblazoned with Father Christmas racing across a dusky sky on napkins, placemats, bowls and table runners. You’ll also find hand-poured, cinnamon and orange scented candles guaranteed to fill your home with festive cheer long after you’ve packed away the Christmas tree.



Welcome visitors to your home with a stunning floral wreath that captures the colour and scents of summer. You could opt for Australian wildflowers, natives and foliage in warm tones of red and orange, mixed with deep pinks and burgundies. Or you can weave flowers like frangipanis and hibiscus for an exotic, tropical look.



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You don’t need to have a Christmas party to add a little pizazz to your favourite cold beverage this summer with paper drinking straws. Online stores like the Paper Cupboard stock a variety of colours and patterns, which are sure to be a hit with the kids, and grown-ups who have fond memories of using them when they were young.




A sharp knife and juicy watermelon is all you need to keep the holiday cheer going with these delicious summer treats. Babyology shows you how to do it here.

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