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3 ways to give your bathroom a mini makeover this weekend

An inexpensive bathroom makeover and renovation can add a surprising amount of value to your home. And something as simple as new taps or a bath splashback can give this well-worn space a much-needed facelift. So, if your budget is on the low end (under a grand), we suggest you stick to cosmetic changes like these. 



1.  Remove old grout

If you have grout that is chipping or discoloured and making your bathroom look shabby, then it might be time to replace it. This step-by-step video demonstrates just how easy it is to remove old grout and the tools you’ll need to finish the job. 




2.  Replace tapware

Fresh bathroom fixtures like taps, and faucets can instantly upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom. Bath taps generally fall into three categories: 

  • Mixer taps– one tap that combines hot and cold water 
  • Pillar taps– two separate taps for hot and cold water 
  • Bath shower mixer taps– one tap that combines hot and cold water with the ability to switch between the taps and a handheld shower 

Grays Online has a wide range of tapwear, as does BunningsBathroom Trade Shed and Taps and More. 




3.  Tile a bath splashback 

A splashback not only gives your ageing bathroom an instant upgrade but will also make cleaning the wall much easier. 



Is your shower leaking through the tiles? 

If your bathroom smells musty, the tiles are changing colour or damp patches are appearing on the other side of a wall, Beaumont Tiles says it could be due to any of the following: 

  • Pinholes in grout
  • Poorly grouted tiles
  • Leaking pipework behind the wall
  • No puddle flange installed under the floor grate
  • No fluid aprons installed around tapware in wall penetrations
  • Internal corners and bottom row of tiles not grouted with silicone
  • Cut edges of tiles exposed in shower
  • Structural movement of the building
  • Waterproofing membrane not included in it

As a leaking shower recess can lead to structural damage and expensive repairs, we recommend calling a professional plumber or tiler as soon as you spot a leak. 

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