Smartphone apps like Moving Day and Moving Van help manage your move better.
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Your 2018 moving house checklist

If you’ve moved house at least once, you’ll know how stressful and exhausting it can be. If you’re just about to move for the first time, you’ll be finding out soon. Yes, it’s hard work. There’s a lot of preparation, physical work, and then when you finally get it all into the new house, you have to unpack * sob *. As with anything, the bigger your budget, the more assistance from the professionals you can afford but we got to thinking, it’s 2018, surely there’s some new technology out there that helps you move? Turns out there is. We’ve put together a checklist, traditional and modern, of all the things you need when moving house.

Book the removals

It’s probably best to do this 4-6 weeks before your moving date. This will allow you to do your due diligence when it comes to quotes, checking their insurance etc. Ask around as word of mouth is always better. Once you know your budget, you’ll be able to decide what level of service you want, i.e. do you want the removals company to pack everything, move it, and unpack it at the other end? Or, are you taking more of a DIY approach and just using them to transport your belonging from A to B?

Build your box collection

You’ll need good quality strong boxes and lots of them. Your removal firm can help you with these, storage facilities, or your local store. Local Facebook groups can also help as people move all the time, there’s likely to be someone in your area that needs to get rid of some.



The Moving Checklist Pro app prompts you each week to complete certain tasks such as cancelling utilities and redirecting your mail.

Start your to-do-list

Now, depending on whether you prefer a good old-fashioned pen and paper or you’re more digitally savvy, there’s something out there to make life a little easier. We’ve found some great apps to help you move house and manage your move better:

 1.  Moving Day

This productivity app can help make moving across town or across the country a simpler process as it allows you to easily catalogue all of your things as you pack and has a built-in bar code scanning and label-making feature.

2.  Moving Van

This helps you to make an inventory of everything you’re moving. As you pack a box, you detail the contents within the app, take photos and then the app assigns a unique identifier i.e. ‘living room 1’. No more frantically searching through the boxes to find a saucepan on the first night! Genius.

3.  Moving Checklist Pro

You’ll definitely stay on track with this app. It prompts you each week to complete certain tasks such as, cancel utilities, redirect post, or get rid of all the stuff you don’t need so you can spend a small fortune replacing it with more stuff you don’t need in the new house.



As soon as you know your moving date, call and arrange for your utilities to be disconnected at your old place and connected again at your new home.

Finalise all your bills and disconnect all utilities

Of course, if you have one of the apps mentioned above, there’s no way you’ll forget this. But if you haven’t, we thought we’d remind you just in case. Double check you don’t have any outstanding rates or bills. As soon as you know your moving date, call and arrange for your utilities to be disconnected and connected again at your new house. Ready for your arrival.

Organise a cleaner

Now, depending on your budget, you can choose to do this yourself or hire someone. If you’re renting, we recommend using the cleaner that the Property Manager recommends. That way, if they have any problems with the quality of the clean, you can say “well, we used the cleaners that you recommend” and they’ll take it up with them.


Keep essentials close by

Make sure you have all of the essentials separate to everything else. Toiletries, snacks, money, keys, kettle, phone charger etc. If you have kids, make sure you have food and toys/books/electronic devices to entertain them. If you’re worried about losing them (the essentials, not the kids), there are even apps and gadgets to help you with that. With Pixie smart trackers, all you do is place one of the tabs on, say, your keys and then you can use your phone to locate them in chaos.

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