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2016 lighting trends range from earthy to industrial chic

The good old fashioned Edison bulb is making a comeback in a big way. And when I say big – I mean giant. Yes, a huge bulb-shaped decorative light fitting is among the latest trends to emerge in an industry where the continued evolution of the LED globe is making many new designs possible.

Satelight Design marketing manager Rosalind Wong says lighting your home can be tricky. “There are different tasks and activities to consider when selecting lighting, such as dining, food preparation, sleeping, reading and working,” she says. “We recommend pairing ambient light fittings with supportive lighting, such as downlights.”




Rosalind says ongoing development LED lights has enabled designers to have greater creativity than ever before. “LED technology has come ahead in leaps and bounds,” she says. “A lot of LED lamp options are available. There are even LED versions of of Edison lamps that have penetrated into everyday lighting.”




“We know black and white is always popular [with decorative light fittings], but people now want a pop of colour, such as splashes of red or yellow.” There are two examples in the Satelight range: the Conic and Flukte designs, which have coloured interiors.




Then there are finishes. We’re talking electroplated copper or brass that add a warm glow of its own to a room even without the power on – very now according to Rosalind. But at the other end of the spectrum are the earthy tones of timbers. “So there are the sleek, clean lines of metals or the organic and rustic look of timbers,” she says.

So what does 2016 hold for the world of residential lighting design? “We’ll be integrating more LED technology, making lights smaller or flat packable to save on the cost of freight so we can pass on the savings to our clients. Our design team have been coming up with things that are flat packable, smaller and narrower that then cluster together and are easy to hold and install. I think that’s something our clients will appreciate.”




Rosalind believes lights are an important design element that can make a big impact on a room, but that there are a few things to remember. “Lighting can make a room,” she says. “But it’s important when choosing lights to consider ambience, shadow play and not to over light the space. You want to create a bit of mood.”

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